Winning recommendation from Miss Universe Singapore winners

July 22, 2017 - miss universe

Today, a 20 finalists who will strive for a pretension of Miss Universe Singapore 2017 will be comparison after a closed-door audition.

Just how does one stir a judges? We ask former MUS winners.

Cheryl Chou, Miss Universe Singapore 2016

“I went into a manifestation with 0 experience. Instead of vouchsafing that take me down, we knew that if we wanted to win, there was one thing we indispensable to do, that was to practise.

“I am a organisation follower that with tough work comes success, and we can assure you, it really pays off. Show them that we are not usually beautiful, though intelligent and smart as well.

“One and point? It helps if we can make them laugh.”


Lisa Marie White, Miss Universe Singapore 2015

“What helped me win a pretension was being myself and regulating my wit and humour to win a judges over. The fact that we was assured and loose during a routine helped too.”

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Valerie Lim, Miss Universe Singapore 2011

“To get by a closed-door audition, know what motivates we and have a plain personal story to support that motivation.

“Do not be fearful to uncover some vulnerability. There is a pain indicate or deeply secure emanate in many people. If that is what drives we to make a change for a better, it would be to your advantage to share it.”


Jessica Tan, Miss Universe Singapore 2007

“I was not my skinniest and fittest when we initial assimilated a contest, and since we wanted to demeanour my best, we went by a powerful practice fast and a despotic salad-only, no-sugar diet.

“On tip of that, we put in a lot of bid to urge my open vocalization and certainty on stage.

“These days, pageants are not only looking for flattering faces with good bikini-ready figures. They are focusing some-more on anticipating a strong, intelligent lady who can enthuse other women.”


Bernice Wong, Miss Universe Singapore 2003

“Being your authentic, loyal self, injecting a sip of humour into your answers so a assembly remembers we some-more easily, and meditative fast on your feet help.

“You have to be confident, let your celebrity gleam by and attract a judges.”


Nuraliza Osman, Miss Universe Singapore 2002 and inhabitant executive of Miss Universe Singapore Organisation

“What helped me win was a cadence of fitness and perseverance. Preparations for rehearsals were tough, though we motionless to give it a shot as that was my dream.

“For a contestants, we would tell them to ease their nerves and provide a auditions like a assembly to get to know a judges. Let your loyal celebrity come by and tell us your dreams.

“That is what we are looking for – empowered women who have a prophesy of what they would like to use a height for.”


Jaime Teo, Miss Universe Singapore 2001

“I assimilated a manifestation as a arrange of personal expansion challenge, so carrying no vigour to win helped me stay ease via a contest.

“(So) stay calm, consider clearly and grin a lot. Bonus points if we make a judges grin a lot too.”

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