Welch crowned new Miss Universe Guam

October 29, 2017 - miss universe

Guam has a new Miss Universe representing a island after a claimant was selected during a final judging eventuality during a Guam Museum Theater yesterday.

Myana Welch, a proprietor of Tamuning, was crowned a new Miss Universe Guam 2017.

The 28-year-old is an achieved swimmer, past manifestation leader and owners of a internal hair and makeup business Color Me Pure.

“It’s such an honor, honestly. I’m so vehement to paint Guam in Las Vegas. Hopefully, we do us justice!” Welch pronounced after being crowned.

A self-proclaimed nutritionist, Welch pronounced she would like to share her knowledge by advocating for improved health during her reign, among other missions.

“I’m also a businesswoman, so I’d also like to enthuse locals to be desirous and to unequivocally go after things since we are a minority and we are not represented in a states. we consider we can move some-more recognition and strength to a people.”

Last-ditch effort

In a last-ditch bid to have Guam represented for a Miss Universe pageant, that is to be hold in Las Vegas, on Nov. 26, a Guam Beauty Organization (GBO) put a callout for meddlesome beauties during a commencement of a month.

“We were kind of meditative of not carrying one, though then, as we suspicion some-more and some-more about it, with a conditions we’re in, it’s best if we go and tell a world, ‘Hey, Guam is good. Guam is still here, we’re not going anywhere,’” pronounced Joyce Bamba, GBO National Director, referring to a region’s tensions with North Korea.

The pageant, that customarily takes months of formulation and foreknowledge was put together in a few weeks and for a initial time as hold in a Guam Museum Theater with usually tighten family and friends invited. The customarily swarming eventuality hosted about 50 people.

“It’s not like anything we’ve had in a past. It is not a manifestation with all a pushing and hoopla, though it was a best we could do in sequence to send a nominee to a Miss Universe pageant,” Bamba said.

Due to time constraints in determining last-minute to send a representative, Bamba was means to lift strings together for a elementary judging finale. Although 12 contestants were creatively interested, usually 3 committed to fasten in a brief time provided.

Besides Welch, contestants Diliana Tuncap and Mauricia Mariano also answered a call to paint Guam, if chosen.

“These 3 immature ladies who have been dauntless adequate to step adult to a tasks are to be thanked and commended for their courage,” Bamba said.

“Miss Guam’s appearance, core theatre during Miss Universe will pronounce volumes to a universe that in a face of adversity, we sojourn a people of good strength, faith and hope.”

As Welch was crowned yesterday, Miss Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Taisipic took her final travel opposite a theatre and underneath limelight with Miss International 2016 Annalyn Buan. Tuncap is a new reigning Miss International Guam and will go on to paint Guam next year in Tokyo.

The general Miss Universe manifestation foe will be promote live from a AXIS during Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Nov. 26.

source ⦿ https://www.postguam.com/news/local/welch-crowned-new-miss-universe-guam/article_5a697a68-bc90-11e7-a9ce-bfd91d6e32d1.html

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