WATCH: Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters on Boracay, Siargao rehab

August 9, 2018 - miss universe

MANILA, Philippines — As a beach enthusiast, BInibining Pilipinas Miss Universe 2017 Rachel Peters applauded a government’s pierce to rehabilitate Boracay island. 

“What Duterte has motionless to do in Boracay was profitable for Boracay, for a people of Boracay. The island unequivocally indispensable to be rehabilitated,” Rachel said.

She removed her memories visiting a island. “I went there once when we unequivocally immature and once again dual years ago, my expectancy before my final outing was so high and afterwards when we got there I’m utterly disappointed.”

“Considering that whenever we pronounce to anyone around a universe when we contend I’m from a Philippines, they contend ‘oh Boracay is unequivocally good we wanna go there’ it’s unhappy to know that existence it is not what they consider it is, so we consider it’s good that they given a island time to rehabilitate and get back to a full glory,” she added.

Another famous beach traveller end in a nation that is now also vicious given of a remarkable liquid of traveller is Siargao island. For Rachel, who has a coffee emporium in Siargao, a reconstruction of Siargao is not an choice though some-more of a partial of master planning.  

“I know they had master devise in a works. It’s never too late to master plan. However, we consider it was a small bit late now. Parang they were perplexing to locate adult para they don’t make a same mistake that they done in Boracay. we consider they are holding a correct stairs to equivocate a same thing occur again in Siargao,” she said.  

“I consider it also comes down to a genius of a tourists that are coming. They need to honour that it is home to a people of Siargao. The thing is they should wish to share it with other people so that destiny traveller can also suffer it as a pleasing island that it is,” she added.    

Since Rachel is an disciple of all natural, generally in her lifestyle, she has been recently tapped as code envoy of a Botanique toothpaste operation by Himalaya, a range of toothpaste that is reportedly done with 100 percent Organic Certified (USDA certified) mixture and from 97 percent natural sources.

For Rachel, carrying a healthy grin is critical not usually given she is a beauty queen, though also given she avowed that she is frightened of a dentist.

“There was one time when we unequivocally had to have a base waterway before Miss Universe and they had to put me to nap given we unequivocally can’t face a dentist,” she common with a laugh. — Videos by Deni Bernardo

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