Trump ‘Obsessed’ With Meeting Vladimir Putin During 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, Book Claims

March 15, 2018 - miss universe

Five years after Moscow hosted a Miss Universe pageant, a universe is removing a finish bargain of what was going on behind a scenes with Donald Trump, according to a bombshell new book. 

Investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn explain in their new book, Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and a Election of Donald Trump, Trump was spooky with a thought of assembly Russian boss Vladimir Putin. 

Click Here to Read an Excerpt From ‘Russian Roullette’

The get-together fell through, apparently due to a trade jam in Moscow on a night of a pageant that forced Putin to bail out.

“He was really unhappy though being Donald Trump, he thinks he has a answer for this,” Corn told Inside Edition. “He tells one of his colleagues from a Miss Universe organization, ‘We can tell people that Putin came. No one will know.’”

The authors contend that when Trump returned to America, Putin sent him a benefaction as satisfaction in a form of a pleasing black lacquered box. Inside was a hermetic letter.

“No one knows,” Corn pronounced of a letter’s contents. “For years now, Donald Trump has not talked about this letter. He brags about all else, though he won’t tell us what was in this private minute from Putin.” 

The authors also contend Trump privately reviewed all 16 Miss Universe finalists before they were announced on a uncover and he infrequently overruled a judges.

“He could decide, since it is his pageant, who wins and who loses,” Isikoff told Inside Edition. “He would privately check all of a contestants — who he favourite and who he wanted adult there on a stage.” 

A mouthpiece with Miss Universe says that manifestation manners allow the company’s staff, including Trump, to attend in picking a finalists.

In Moscow, Trump solidified his loyalty with Russian billionaire, Aras Agalarov.

Agalarov reportedly put adult a commission of a manifestation budget. In return, Trump concluded to concede Aras’ son, Emin, to perform during a pageant.

Trump even organised for several Miss Universe contestants to seem in one of Emin’s song videos. Trump himself also seemed in a shave and delivers his signature phrase: “You’re fired.” 

Little did anyone know that Trump’s Russian connectors would come behind to haunt him.

“You can snippet all of a problems that Donald Trump has had in his presidency to Russia, and a ties to Russia and a Kremlin, to this one eventuality behind in Moscow behind in 2013,” Isikoff said. 

A mouthpiece with Miss Universe says that manifestation manners allow the company’s staff, including Trump, to attend in picking a finalists.


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