Trump didn’t lick me

March 7, 2017 - miss universe

Donald Trump and a newly crowned Miss Universe, Wendy Fitzwilliam, common a impulse following a manifestation in 1998.

FORMER Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam denies that Donald Trump attempted to lick her on a night she won a general manifestation in 1998.

‘No, not during all,” she told a ‘Express’ following a explain by Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.

The paper done a explain in a Nov 2016 announcement that has now left viral.

The ‘Telegraph’ published a 1998 print of Fitzwilliam, shortly after her crowning, with a afterwards authorization hilt Donald Trump, now President of a United States.

The title stated: ‘No one wants to be kissed by Donald Trump – here’s a proof’

The heading to a print was: ‘Back in 1998, Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam didn’t demeanour tender by Trump’s try during a exultation lick either’

It was a ninth of 10 photos published to support a headline.

So, what was unequivocally function during that moment?

When asked, Fitzwilliam stated: “He was only congratulating me. He pronounced we am pleasing and intelligent and I’ll have a good year.

“At that time (pre-Apprentice and a violent luminary that came with it), he was kind and vehement by Miss Universe, like a loyal fan of a pageant.

“He favourite me. He was always really deferential of me.

“It substantially helped that his tighten buddies Russell Simmons Sean Puffy Combs favourite me a lot afterwards too.”

About that purported kiss, Fitzwilliam said: “Not during all. It was really shrill during my accession and chaotic, so he only came in tighten to pronounce to me and a media got lots of those shots”.

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Trump didn’t lick me

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