Toronto’s Lauren Howe crowned Miss Universe Canada

October 10, 2017 - miss universe

Lauren Howe is some-more than usually a flattering face.

The 24-year-old is also a University of Toronto industrial engineering grad and budding businessman who over a weekend kick out 64 other contestants from around a nation to spin a new Miss Universe Canada 2017.

“This was my second try during Miss Universe Canada and it worked out,” pronounced a Torontonian, who was second runner-up in a 2014 book and competed in dual other pageants previously.

“It finished adult being a unequivocally good time for me to give this another go and not ever demeanour behind and have regrets.”

We held adult with Howe for an disdainful talk on Sunday. The usually child of a singular mom (Lorrie), she was using on unequivocally small nap and still wearing her Miss Universe Canada 2017 crown, sash, dusk dress and high heels during her hotel lobby. She creates a media rounds on Tuesday.

• Do we have a day job?

After university, we started operative in sale plan with Adidas that led to a purpose in record consulting and we recently left that to pursue my possess entrepreneurial ventures [in a financial record sector].

• Are we looking brazen to representing Canada during a Miss Universe manifestation on Nov. 26 in Las Vegas?

I am. This is a singular year where it’s a most shorter time support to get prepared though we consider that’s indeed a advantage given we strike a belligerent running.

• Is there anything you’d like to do when we get to Las Vegas to honour a victims of a new mass shooting?

Now that we strictly have a pretension we wish to start joining with not usually a classification itself though a other member of other countries to know if we do something as a group.

• Beauty pageants get a bad rap. Have they improved?

They positively have. Pageants are what we make of it. That’s a categorical difference. The peculiarity of girls who enter this and what they’re looking for is opposite than what it used to be. Rather than … entering a manifestation with a goals of “I wish to be an general model,” a goals are now “I wish to change lives.”

• And how will you?

There’s no denying there are still a extraneous aspects to [pageants] and that’s a lot of what I’d like to residence in my now year as Miss Universe Canada for immature women who demeanour during me and competence be examination [me]. This is work. This is a group of hair and makeup and stylist and we positively do not arise adult like this. And we unequivocally wish to inspire immature women to listen to a messages that people are observant rather than simply what they demeanour like.

• You were formerly a Toronto Maple Leafs in-arena host. What do we consider of a team’s chances this year?

The Leafs are on an implausible roll. we was a partial of a group right before they drafted Auston Matthews and it’s usually been so special to watch how discerning of a spin around they’ve had from afterwards until now. we know improved than to contend anything out loud. I’m not a jinxer.

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