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March 10, 2017 - miss universe

The feign news item.

The feign news item.

A news present a amicable media purporting that Malta’s Miss Universe competitor has been held perplexing to filch heroin into a UK is zero some-more than an object of feign news.

Martha Fenech. Photo: Benjamin Sant SnapArt PhotographyMartha Fenech. Photo: Benjamin Sant SnapArt Photography

The story purporting to be a news group Metro of a UK, claimed that Martha Fenech was arrested during London’s Heathrow airfield for perplexing to filch dual kilos of heroin dark in dual bags of coffee inside dual suitcases.

Citing “officials”, a object claimed Customs and Border Protection military officers searched her suitcases on guess and found a cosmetic coffee bag containing white powder.

It went on to contend that Ms Fenech was afterwards taken to a private hunt room where a officers found a second bag full of powder.

When contacted, Ms Fenech voiced startle during a fictitious object though pronounced she was not surprised, given some other Miss Universe girls had also targetted.

“Such a news can be really harmful. People who know me immediately laughed it off, though several other contacted me to know if I’m OK. Other ‘girls’ apparently were usually happy to share a feign news item,” she told Times of Malta this morning.

“This is a really critical accusation. It taints my name, it taints Malta’s name,” pronounced Ms Fenech, adding that she dictated to news a explain to a cyber police.

She also posted a criticism on Facebook saying: “I do wish that we all realize that a stream news being common about me is totally FAKE!!
Regards from Malta…not a UK.”


source ⦿ http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20170310/local/miss-universe-malta-did-not-try-to-smuggle-drugs-into-uk.641992

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