They purebred late for Miss Universe Singapore 2017 though are all prepared to charm

July 14, 2017 - miss universe

As a Miss Universe Singapore 2017 registration draws to a tighten today, The New Paper gets in hold with those who sealed adult during a extended deadline period.


They purebred late though are all prepared to charm


Miss Suffianah Baharin’s (above) daily slight is to nap before 10pm and arise adult during 6am to fist in a examination before work.

The 26-year-old talent merger manager was not always progressing such a healthy lifestyle. She used to celebration and eat junk food, though a branch indicate came 3 years ago when she realised how most they were inspiring her well-being.

She said: “At one point, we was removing a bit overweight and mostly feeling sleepy and lethargic.”

Since then, she has mislaid about 10kg, and she creates a unwavering bid to continue with purify living.

In her giveaway time, she does mostly acrylic on board paintings, a hobby she picked adult when she was seven, and she enjoys dabbling in bare portraiture.

MUS hopefuls have bigger goals

She said: “I like to pull and paint a tellurian anatomy. we like capturing emotions and opposite physique shapes.”

She never suspicion a beauty manifestation would be on a cards for her, though she is prepared to give it a shot, saying: “I am during that age where we am some-more assured about myself and my body, since we have been eating healthier and am in improved figure than we ever was.”

They purebred late though are all prepared to charm



Miss Debra Loi (above), 24, has lived in many places around a world, including China and Australia.

Having returned to Singapore in Mar after completing her nursing grade during Curtin University in Perth, Australia, she feels she is home, revelation The New Paper: “I wanted to join Miss Universe Singapore not usually for myself, though to minister to my country.”

Before she was born, her family was already relocating around due to her parents’ businesses.

She lived in Beijing for 8 years and in Hong Kong for five. She afterwards spent 6 years any in Singapore and Australia, where she lived alone as her relatives were formed in China.

Though bettering to new environments and cultures was tough, her practice authorised her to benefit independence, that is partial of what beauty means to her.

She said: “I consider it would be tough to find someone who has lived a life like mine.”

Her purpose? To “be a voice” for a community.

The purebred nurse, who is watchful to start work during a supervision hospital, said: “I suffer my job, since we get to know people and make an impact on their lives.

They purebred late though are all prepared to charm



Besides grabbing a final possibility to join Miss Universe Singapore due to her age, Miss Lavania Priya Kathiresan, 28 (above), is also looking brazen to representing a strength and flexibility of women if she is selected as a finalist.

The atmosphere stewardess said: “Just by carrying a bravery to take part, we feel we am doing my part…

“Women can do anything, as prolonged as they set their minds to it.”

She has been roving motorbikes for a past 10 years and got her Class 2 looseness final month.

She has always wanted to assistance those vital in poverty, and she has flown solo to India twice to proffer during several children’s homes.

She hopes a manifestation will be an event for her to pull her means on a bigger stage.

She said: “I am not intensely beautiful, though we am a chairman with a lot of compassion, and we feel over assisting others.”

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