There’s a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Label

March 17, 2017 - miss universe

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If you’re looking for a ultimate Russian multi hyphenate, demeanour no serve than Oksana Fedorova. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2002, yet also happens to be a late policewoman and model, in further to carrying an a career as an actress, thespian and TV presenter. Somehow, between all that, and her philanthropic endeavors, Fedorova has found a time to start her possess conform label, Oksana Fedorova Design Studio by Oksana Fedorova. (For some unequivocally interesting reading, check out her Wikipedia page, that is chock full of pointless facts).

Now in a third year, Fedorova is perplexing to position her namesake code as one that is permitted to all women opposite Russia. The Fall collection, that was shown on a runway this past week during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, looked to be a essential array of work suitable  grey trousers, friendly sweater dresses and layered button-down shirts. It was positively zero groundbreaking, nor were a designs quite trendy, yet it’s an towering take on a dim and drab habit adopted by many operative Russian women. That competence go to explain since a code is usually sole in Russia. The collection featured a few splashes of red, alongside complicated doses of grey black and white, and many of a silhouettes were emphasized by waist cinching belts. The wardrobe looked to be graceful on a accumulation of physique types, for women of all ages.

Fedorova started her line with a enterprise to dress women in wardrobe that not usually done them demeanour good, yet done them feel good, too. And judging by this collection, she does a good pursuit of attracting that customer.

screen shot 2017 03 17 during 6 02 00 pm Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Labelscreen shot 2017 03 17 during 6 02 00 pm Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Label

Fedorova wants her business to demeanour discriminating and feel comfortable. Courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Clothing aside, we were some-more meddlesome in training about who a former Miss Universe unequivocally is. As it turns out, she was just as staid and discriminating as one would pattern (despite a fact that she controversially dispossessed her climax usually 119 days into her beauty black role). She gracefully told a Observer, with a thick Russian accent and a small assistance from a translator, about her personal character and how her past displaying career has impacted her career as a designer.

Why did we wish to become a conform designer?
The conform business came into my life, of march from modeling, yet also since of Miss Universe. But when we was profound a second time we wasn’t feeling so good, so we had to stay during home. As a person, we am really active and we indispensable to do something. At that time we satisfied that we should pattern something for women to feel modern, yet also gentle in her clothes. Fashion is a categorical basement of my philosophy, yet we wanted to make these clothes available to many women. The cost is really critical to me, so we make certain it’s not too high and not too low. It’s affordable, yet it’s good quality.

How does your past displaying career influence how we expel your shows?
Casting is so formidable since we remember what it was like when we was a model. Now, we know what we wish from a model. Eighty percent of them don’t feel gentle in their bodies, or during slightest a approach we wish them to. Most of them are so immature that they don’t know a lady they are. Sometimes they are nervous, even yet they are so beautiful. Of march we are looking for girls with good bodies, yet their personalities are usually as important. I’m really particular. I’m looking for this atmosphere of certain appetite that comes from a heart. This is really critical for me.

oksana fedorova01011 Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Labeloksana fedorova01011 Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Label

Grey and white were large colors for Fedorova’s Fall/Winter 2017 range. Courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Do we wear your possess wardrobe when we seem on TV?
Yes, sometimes. Evening gowns were not in my collection this time, yet my work consists of performances and appearing on stage, so we always need dusk gowns. Sometimes we make dresses for myself, or we wear some other designers.

Do we wear usually Russian designers?
No, it’s 50/50 since we need to be international! Russian designers are good, yet infrequently we will wear Versace or Jil Sander, we adore Jil Sander. Some of my designs are kind of desirous by those brands.

oksana fedorova0104 Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Labeloksana fedorova0104 Theres a Former Miss Universe With a Russian Clothing Label

Fedorova likes clever models, ones with personality. Courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

What’s your signature style?
I adore suits, day dresses and far-reaching black pants with a sweater. Clothes that make me feel free, since we don’t like something tight. Unless we need it for a print shoot! we need to feel like myself.

How do we feel, now that your conform uncover is over?
I feel happy, sleepy and really stressed out. But it’s certain stress, so it’s okay. We are used to doing this, it’s the sixth time. Next, we are scheming for subsequent season, summer! Normally, we go to accommodate buyers from opposite tools of Russia after this, to make orders.

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