February 23, 2017 -


These revealing pictures show how a Miss Universe star is unrecognisable from just six months ago when she was a geeky student with glasses and braces – who has still never had a boyfriend.

Chalita Suansane, 22, was studying microbiology when her sister sent an application for her in the Miss Thailand competition in July last year.

They didn’t expect to hear anything back but judges were stunned by her long legs and innocent-looking face – and they whisked her away from classes for a makeover.

She went on to win the national competition and came 6th in the Miss Universe in November last year winning millions of new fans – a world away from the unseen images of her as a student.

Pictures from her private album show her in school uniform playing with test tubes, fooling around with classmates and posing for selfies with a toothy grin – unrecognisable from her in designer dresses on stage a few months later.

And incredibly, Chalita – whose mother has never allowed her to have a man – has shunned full time modelling jobs to return to school to finish the last year of her degree.

Chalita said: ”I never thought I would ever be a model. My sister just joked that we should send in my resume for the Miss Thailand competition.

”My mother has never allowed me to have a boyfriend. I’ll have one when I’m ready, when I finish studying and I meet someone right. I will have a boyfriend but right now I work every day. My date is with my school work.

”The last six months have been amazing. It’s been an incredible journey.”

Chalita was picked to enter the competition and ditched her thick-rimmed black glasses and had her fixed braces removed.

She embarked on a fitness regime, losing 7kg, and swapping fried food for healthy salads. She also spent hours sun bathing to get bronzed skin.

Bosses kitted her out with a wardrobe of thousands of pounds worth of designer dresses – and she was pictured at the airport last November setting off for the competition with 17 suitcases.

She became a star in Asia and has travelled since to the Philippines and Vietnam – being greeted by thousands of new fans – and will hit Japan later this year.

But Chalita will continue her studies with her new classmates – starting again a year behind – and still hopes to some day become a specialist microbiologist developing medicines.

She said: ”Studying is still important for me. When I applied for Miss Thailand my face didn’t change at all. I just did a lot of exercise and lost some weight.

”The rest was down to make-up, healthy eating and sunbathing. And a few new dresses.

”My plan was always to work in microbiology. Now I’ll return to school and finish my studies. Who knows what the future holds and what opportunities there are.

”I’m sure that I’ll find a boyfriend eventually but there’s lots of time for that.”
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