Steve Harvey on Miss Universe Mishap: we Took a Bullet for a Lot of People

August 4, 2017 - miss universe

More than a year and a half after he infamously announced a wrong Miss Universe’s name, Steve Harvey is once again fortifying himself.

“I took a bullet for a lot of people and I’m a splendid guy,” Harvey, 60, told Us Weekly and other reporters during a Television Critics Association press debate on Thursday, Aug 3. “I can review and we can hear. we review and we did what we was told to do.”

At a Dec 2015 competition, Harvey incorrectly announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, as a winner. Minutes later, a Family Feud horde came behind on theatre and corrected a blunder by giving a climax to a tangible winner, Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

Despite realizing a mix-up, Harvey recalls that uncover executives educated him to let a conditions play out until they could run a correction. “They asked me not to travel out there, they said, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ll repair it tomorrow in a paper,'” Harvey recalled. “My foolish behind said, ‘No, I’m gonna repair it tonight.’ And we took my reticent behind out there and, boy, if we would have famous that we threw myself off of a precipice like that, we substantially would have let them repair it in a paper, though we wasn’t lifted that way. So we went out there. we only took it.”

The Little Big Shots host added: “I wanted that lady from a Philippines to get her climax that night, so we did it.”

Although Harvey wishes someone had stepped adult to take a censure for a incident, he did finish adult saying a splendid side to a situation. “Nobody given has come to a rescue to contend that, ‘Well, we wrote a wrong thing. we pronounced it and we told it to him,'” Harvey said. “Here’s a humorous part: On my prophesy house we was seeking God to assistance my tellurian code and persona. After that happened, we was a many famous chairman on world earth for 48 hours.”

Harvey noted: “I conclude God, though we don’t conclude a track he took.” 

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