Steve Harvey: we Needed 24-Hour Armed Security After Miss Universe Mistake

March 19, 2017 - miss universe

Before there was Warren Beatty…! Steve Harvey non-stop adult about a recoil he faced after his 2015 Miss Universe gaffe, where he incorrectly crowned Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, when Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, was a tangible winner.

The Family Feud host, 60, suggested sum of a frightful threats he perceived in a Apr emanate of Cigar Aficionado. “I live on a dead-end travel — and it got genuine when things started entrance over a gate. Empty boxes with bows and cinema of bombs,” he recalled. “And these with genocide threats on amicable media that would cocktail adult from feign IP addresses. we wound adult with 24-hour armed confidence during my house. we have dual armed guards there full-time to this day.”

Even yet some-more than a year has upheld given a Dec 2015 incident, a comedian pronounced that he won’t be vacationing in Colombia anytime soon. “In a Philippines, they adore me — though we can’t go to Colombia,” he said. “The subsequent morning, there was this large crowd, all around my automobile outward a hotel—all these Colombians giving me hell. My Twitter and Instagram blew adult and we got called each name in a book. we got cussed out in Spanish so bad that we know impertinence in Spanish now.”

Harvey also defended his Jan assembly with President Donald Trump. The speak uncover horde forsaken into Trump Tower to plead programs and efforts to assistance middle cities. “I’m blissful we did [meet with Trump],” he said. “You have to take a chair during a list when you’re invited. If you’re not during a table, we can’t exclude a menu, or advise what we should be eating. we walked divided feeling like we had only talked with a male who honestly wants to make a disproportion in this area.”

In a wide-ranging interview, a radio luminary overwhelmed on his “heartbreaking” preference to quit doing stand-up after 27 years. “I cried so tough afterward,” he said. “I was on my knees. It was crazy to travel divided from something that meant so most to me. Fortunately, we get to be humorous on each uncover we do. But zero can ever come tighten to what it feels like when you’re on theatre and it’s 12,000 people and it’s we and a spotlight, a bar stool, a potion of H2O and a microphone. There’s zero like that. It’s a basement of all we am.” 

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