Steve Harvey Gets Schooled by a 6-Year-Old Who Explains Why He’s Famous in Brazil (Hint: Remember Miss …

March 11, 2017 - miss universe

Turns out Steve Harvey is flattering famous in Brazil — but for all a wrong reasons.

The 60-year-old horde learns that a tough approach while interviewing Eduarda — a 6-year-old drummer from Brazil — as partial of his NBC show, Little Big Shots — and PEOPLE has a disdainful hide look during Sunday’s arriving episode!

“Let me ask we a question: Am we famous in Brazil?” Harvey asks a small girl, who gifts him a span of drumsticks.

“Yeah,” she replies as Harvey takes a impulse to applaud his general stardom.

But his exultation comes to an sudden hindrance when small Eduarda pokes him in a side and explains a reason for his fame.

“You’re famous in all of Brazil and America since of a Miss Universe,” she says as he looks crestfallen.

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Harvey done headlines around a universe in Dec 2015 when he misread his evidence label and accidentally announced Miss Colombia as a champ instead of genuine leader Miss Philippines.

Last May, Harvey told PEOPLE the annoying flub was “devastating.” The gaffe didn’t means Harvey to remove his job, however: He returned to horde a televised pageant again in January, where he mocked his large flub.

Recently, a star pronounced he couldn’t assistance though feel service when his confusion was potentially trumped by a best design disaster during a Oscars final month.

“I was sitting there going, ‘Yeah, okay,’ because, we know, for a whole year I’ve been hearing, ‘Oh, how could he? Oh, my God! No one ever does that. That’s a mistake! How did he do that? That’s ridiculous,’ ” he told Extra. “Okay, a granddaddy of them all, a Oscars, and they handed that man a wrong envelope. … Boy, do we know that feeling.”

Little Big Shots front Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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