Shinzo Abe brags about ‘national secret’ golf measure to Miss Universe …

January 11, 2018 - miss universe

TOKYO: Japan’s golf-mad primary apportion has finally suggested a “national secret” of his best measure – in a cooperative gloat to his country’s Miss Universe representative.

A loose and lucent Shinzo Abe perceived a pleasantness call during his bureau from Momoko Abe, 23, who told a primary apportion that her best spin was an considerable 68 and that she had attempted to spin pro.

“That’s amazing,” pronounced a primary minister, seeking her either this was for a full 18 holes or a half-round.

“Well, my best measure is 79, a prolonged time ago, though.” a premier told her in front of a TV cameras.

Abe likes to play golf with Donald Trump, many recently during a US president’s outing to Asia in November, where a span warmed adult for their high-stakes tact with a discerning 9 holes.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shares a adore of golf with US President Donald Trump. (Photo: AFP/Handout)

The primary apportion had formerly dubbed his personification scores a “national secret” and refused to contend who had emerged winning in a golfing conflict of a universe leaders.

The spin only outward Tokyo, with one of a world’s tip professionals, Hideki Matsuyama, also done headlines when footage emerged of Abe acrobatics retrograde into a bunker, with Trump marching down a fairway clearly oblivious.

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