SDSU youth strives to be Miss California

March 7, 2018 - miss universe

San Diego State tyro Lauryn Ndoumbe will be representing San Diego County in a Miss California USA foe in December.

Ndoumbe is a youth general economics vital and competing in Miss California will be her initial vital pageant.

“I have wanted to do this ever given we was a small girl,” Ndoumbe said.

Her father, Michael Ndoumbe, pronounced that it didn’t warn him when she practical for Miss San Diego.

“She was always really meddlesome in pageants on TV — Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss California, always examination it and looking during dresses and everything,” Michael Ndoumbe said. “She’s really ardent about conform shows, modeling, holding cinema and has always had that desire.”

Ndoumbe now runs a conform blog on instagram,

@europeanfashionvictim, and is anticipating to start a YouTube channel and use her pretension as Miss San Diego to assistance foster it.

Although pageants are famous during initial peek for beauty, dresses, hair and makeup, there is a vast hospitality aspect to pageants as well.

Ndoumbe pronounced that she wanted to be a alloy when she was younger. However while in college she switched her vital to general economics. Her enterprise to turn a alloy stemmed from her time spent volunteering during a sanatorium while flourishing up.

Ndoumbe skeleton to use her pretension as Miss San Diego to rivet herself in some-more hospitality and assisting a community.

Some of a companies she has reached out to embody St. John’s Hospital.

She also wants to find a approach for bakeries and restaurants to be means to present their leftover food — given there is a law that allows and protects them to do so — and assistance solve San Diego’s craving problem.

“I feel like a era needs to be a small bit some-more giving, we’re so focused on amicable media and perplexing to damp other people, we have a lot some-more capability than only that. So hopefully I’ll be means to set a good instance for people around me,” Ndoumbe said.

Ndoumbe also has looked for recommendation from Miss Teen Beverly Hills pretension hilt AnnaNoel Olson. Olson has been in pageants for about dual years and helps Ndoumbe with insider tips from being in a industry.  

“More critical than operative out or picking out your outfit, we would advise her to go out there, do events, network. You wish to have those practice that can’t be bought and intense stories to speak about during interviews,” Olson said.

Olson pronounced that a best partial of pageants for her has been creation durability friendships with a girls who are also in pageants and assisting other people during gift events.

Olson has been concerned with an anti-human trafficking walk, has lifted lifted over $3,600 in dual hours for a California fires and has met with a immature lady with a heart condition, Zoey, and has spent time with her via her recovery.

Ndoumbe pronounced she is anticipating to make a durability impact on people’s lives and hopes her pretension as Miss San Diego will assistance her do that.

Ndoumbe contingency initial finish a focus price to accept her cincture as Miss San Diego.

She is hosting a breakfast during AppleBee’s and she also has a GoFundMe page to assistance lift money.

The Miss California USA eventuality is set to take place Dec. 7-9 in Long Beach.

The leader will go on to contest in Miss USA, and a leader of that will go on to contest internationally for Miss Universe.

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