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February 14, 2017 - miss universe

While a Department of Tourism (DoT) perceived plaudits for showcasing the diverse cultures of Mindanao in a new conform uncover of a Miss Universe beauty pageant, a house deputy from a Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has opined that more research should have been done with courtesy to the origins of a fabrics ragged by a manifestation candidates.

AMIN Party List Representative Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman remarkable that when a normal Yakan tennun was modeled by some of a Miss Universe candidates, a voice was listened observant  the fabric originated from Zamboanga.

Apparently, the organizers were misinformed, Hataman stressed, as a cloth is a product of a people from a Yakan racial organisation of Basilan province, that is located west of Zamboanga.

The clothes of a Yakan people, she explained, is made of a Yakan cloth that is hand-woven and comes in several colors. “Women in Basilan still wear a Yakan tennum during special occasions,” she said.

Hataman perceived an invitation to watch a conform uncover though she chose not to attend. She beamed with honour when she saw photographs taken during a show that highlighted a weaves and tapestry of Mindanao.

“However, being a normal art advocate, we hoped it was represented as a heritage, not usually a cloth. If people accepted their value and a story behind each piece, not usually of a Yakan tennun, though of all a fabrics presented there, it would have done a contestants unequivocally unapproachable to have ragged them,” she forked put.

The comely and splendid deputy pronounced she had assimilated beauty pageants in a past, though she is no longer in agreement with the way pageants set a customary for beauty for women, or even men.

She pronounced women who join beauty contests are no reduction respectable. “Women who go to a racial groups of Mindanao can join such contests, on a personal basis, not as Filipino Muslim women. Islam does not inspire a open arrangement of beauty, as it places importance on modesty, not usually in a demeanour of dressing, though in function as well.”

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The Friends for Cultural Concerns of a Philippines (FCCP) will reason a low-pitched conform uncover during a Manila Polo Club during 3 o’clock on Feb 28. The eventuality is a fund-raising plan of FCCP, whose goal and prophesy is to rise appreciation for Philippine art and enlightenment and other peoples’ cultures.

“Fashion and Music” will showcase a talents of FCCP scholars who will describe Broadway and OPM numbers, Filipino regretful and normal songs. Performing artists embody exemplary singers and instrumentalists.

The event’s executive cabinet is led by Rose Lazaro, FCCP president, Tessie Rodrigo, director/chair, and Nonie Basilio, co-chair

Tickets are labelled during P2,500. Raffle prizes embody a two-way sheet for dual to Japan, and vital satisfaction prizes. For sheet reservations, call Angie during 817-3905 or 0927-2292128.

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The Upsilonians na Pumapalo is a golfing organisation of UP’s Upsilon Sigma Phi Fraternity. As a companionship is about to applaud a centennial in 2018, a Pumapalo will applaud a 35th anniversary.

Through a years, Pumapalo not usually fostered good golf and authentic fellowship, though has also been a melting pot of ideas for a companionship and for a university like Congress One, a UP Barkada, a Diliman Accord, UNA (Upsilonians for National Advancement), and other notable endeavors.

The 2017 Tour successfully kicked off during a Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club final Jan 25. The chairmanship of a organisation was also incited over from Dave Lorenzana ‘89 to Myki Cantero ‘88.

The second leg of a Tour is a Congress XVII Cup which will be reason during a Villamor Golf and Country Club on Friday, Feb 17, as organised by Fellow Saeed A. Daof ’52. Tee time is 11 a.m., and brotherhood during 4 p.m.

The subsequent day, Feb 18, a Upsilon Congress will be reason  at a Manila Golf and Country Club. Part of a bulletin is a choosing of officers. Expected to be inaugurated as chair is Fred Pascual ’67, former boss of a UP, and president, Thad Liamzon ’81. The stream Frat officers are Ray Orozco ‘65, chair, and Jesse Andres ’81, president.

All Upsilonians are invited to a dual events.

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Centro Escolar University, a heading university in a country, has revitalized a alumni chapters by a beginning of a CEU Alumni Foundation, Inc. (CEU AFI, Inc.) headed by a boss Paz I. Lucido.  One such bid is a arrangement of a facile and high propagandize alumni section that is done adult of successful graduates and professionals.

The  CEU Manila Elementary and High School Alumni section (Mehsac) that was shaped in 2014, will reason a initial Tribute to Mentors to give due approval to ladies training from a 60’s to a 90’s. The new Mehsac house headed by Ma.Roscelli Paule-Chua is sponsoring dual events on Feb 18.

The initial eventuality is to endowment 31 teacher-mentors who served a propagandize for during slightest 5 years and left an impact on students during their infirm years. The second honors a Principal Mentor, Lourdes C. Guzman, in whose respect a commemorative awards are aptly named. The 31 honorees are led by Fermina R. Paguirigan, deliberate a “dean” of all mentors for training for 41 years during a CEU High School, until her retirement in 1997. Other comparison awardees are Gloria G. Abrina, now age 91; Perla Dimailig – Santillan, 89 years old; Dr. Linda R. Reyes, 88, and Antonia Alvarado- Alejandrino, 88.

The subsequent set of mentors is led by Dr. Rosita Lozano- Navarro, who became a sixth boss of a university. Dr. Paz I. Lucido became vanguard and dialect conduct of a colleges of education, humanities and sciences. Dr. Carmina P. Catapang served as vanguard of a Nutrition and Home Management college, Dr. Lourdes M. Diaz became executive secretary to a president, and Dr. Claire Zarate- Manalo rose to VP of CEU for educational affairs. Other awardees  are Dr.Virginia Nanagas-Bactad; Betty Lou S. Peñera who has dedicated 30 years of her life to media/ supervision communication approval programs; Dr. Lily Quibilan, who is concerned in eremite rural districts activities, and Dr. Julita A. Cabbab, who runs a hothouse propagandize with museum programs for children with special concerns. Other mentors to be honored: Del Juloya, Pacita Salita-Abarquez, Dr. Rodrigo P.Rolda, Pete S. Ilano, Bella Catiis, Sister Veronica Gungon, Annabelle E. Balon, Dr . Pelilla Hernandez, Ma. Modesta Mercado, Rosalinda Magpantay, Estrellita G Flores, Soledad Sagullo –Banea, Casiana Abante-Gonzales , Victoria Rafael , Evelyn Nicolas-Burton, Alice Abella-Ansupo and Teresita T. Mendoza. All awardees will be given a Lourdes Guzman Memorial endowment medallion, a certificate of approval and gifts from several donors in an awarding rite to be led by Dr. Cristina D. Padolina, CEU president, Dr. Paz I. Lucido, and Jose M. Tiongco, Mehsac past president.

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