Predictions: Who will be Miss Universe 2017?

November 25, 2017 - miss universe

MISS UNIVERSE 2017. Will one of a ladies from Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, or Venezuela take home a crown? All photos from a Miss Universe Organization

MISS UNIVERSE 2017. Will one of a ladies from Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, or Venezuela take home a crown? All photos from a Miss Universe Organization

LAS VEGAS, USA – It won’t be prolonged compartment we find out that of immature women competing in Las Vegas will be crowned Miss Universe 2017. There is no doubt that this is still a many rarely desired pretension in a manifestation world. The best of a best from participating countries prepped and lerned for months – infrequently even years – for this prestigious beauty pageant.

It all boils down to a all critical finals night that happens on Sunday night, US time.

It can be pronounced that a lot of manifestation fans all over a universe were unhappy by a entertainment of a rough competition, that was hold during a Mezzanine Floor of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. There were copiousness of supporters who could not be accomodated during a venue, ensuing in a inhabitant costumes and a gowns could not be entirely appreciated given of a singular space. (IN PHOTOS: Rachel Peters during a Miss Universe 2017 preliminaries)

Regardless of a shortcomings, Miss Universe still stays a many sought-after pretension for many years to come.

Shock and Awe Preliminaries

Just like final year’s edition, a rough interviews were conducted before a rough swimsuit and dusk robe competitions. And usually like final year, we am awaiting to see some startle eliminations and suprise inclusions in a semifinals.

Having a rough interviews initial means a rough judges can get to know a candidates. They get to see who’s friendly, funny, witty, intelligent, charming, and genuine. But they also get to know who’s boring, bland, inarticulate, and sometimes, fake. Knowing somebody can rarely change one’s notice of a claimant when they seem in a a next events, such as a swimsuit and dusk robe competitions. Judges tend to measure a women they like aloft than those who didn’t leave an impression. This is where a winners are truly distant from a “thank we girls.” That’s manifestation terminology for a possibilities who do not make it by a initial cut.

This year, we suspicion it would be enchanting to do dual lists. My “Predictions List” contains a countries who we consider will make it formed on their opening so far. They are a ones who we consider achieved unequivocally good and have a good possibility of creation a cut. They competence not be my personal choice yet we commend their strength.

My “Wish List” is comprised of choices that are quite formed on my personal preferences and on what we have seen in person. Some of these girls competence not have achieved as good during a preliminaries and were maybe ignored by a rough judges, yet we feel that they possess something special.

There are a lot of factors that establish a final outcome. That’s given it is critical to get a organisation of judges who have opposite perspectives and backgrounds. In this year’s edition, we feel that during slightest half of a possibilities will be a ones everybody expects to place and a other half will be pleasing surprises. That means there would certainly be some intolerable exclusions in a 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

Predictions List

Top 16

  • Olivia Rogers, Australia
  • April Toble, Honduras
  • Ruth Quarshie, Ghana
  • Sofia del Prado, Spain
  • Kseniya Alexandrova, Russia
  • Christian Peiris, Sri Lanka

Top 10

  • Bunga Jelitha Ibrani, Indonesia
  • Dennise Franco, Mexico
  • Prissila Howard, Peru
  • Monalysa Alcantara, Brazil
  • Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, South Africa

Top 5

  • Kara McCullough, USA
  • Laura Gonzalez, Colombia
  • Keysi Sayago, Venezuela
  • Rachel Peters, Philippines
  • Maria Poonlertlarp,Thailand

Possibilities: Great Britain, China, France

Wish List

Top 16

  • Ruth Quarshie, Ghana
  • Roxette Qiu, China
  • Sofia del Prado, Spain
  • Prissila Howard, Peru
  • Kseniya Alexandrova, Russia
  • Kara McCullough, USA
  • Christina Peiris, Sri Lanka
  • Dennise Franco, Mexico

Top 10

  • Danna Hernandez, Puerto Rico
  • Anna Burdzy, Great Britain
  • Alicia Aylies, France
  • April Tobie, Honduras
  • Bunga Jelitha Ibrani, Indonesia

Top 5

  • Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, South Africa
  • Keysi Sayago, Venezuela
  • Maria Poonlertlarp, Thailand
  • Monalysa Alcantara, Brazil
  • Rachel Peters, Philippines

Angola, Lauriela Martins
, 19, 5’10”

Her opening in a rough swimsuit and dusk robe competitions should acquire her a mark in a semifinals. She had extraordinary theatre participation and looked unequivocally beautiful. Will Lauriela follow in a footsteps of Leila Lopes who won in 2011?

Germany, Sophia Koch, 20, 5’7”

Sophia has a unequivocally honeyed and desirable personality, and a pleasing face to boot. My biggest reservation is her tallness and body. With so many of a rough judges carrying backgrounds in a modelling industry, it competence be an ascending battle. The final time Germany placed was in 2002 when Natascha Borger finished it to a tip 10.

Spain, Sofia del Prado, 22, 5’11”

Sofia is unequivocally tough to omit with her tallness and beauty, yet it will all hinge on how her luminary was during a rough interviews. If she did good during a sealed doorway interviews, afterwards there is no doubt that she will go distant in a competition. In 2014, Spain was in a tip 10 (Desiree Ferrer). In 2013, they roughly won with Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, who emerged as 1st Runner-up.

Australia, Olivia Rogers, 25, 5’9”

The Australian representatives customarily do good given they have chill attitudes and come opposite as unequivocally relatable. My usually problem with Olivia is she is not that noted notwithstanding being unequivocally beautiful. Since 2008, Australia has usually unsuccessful to place twice (2016 and 2013). Their final leader was Jennifer Hawkins in 2004.

Russia, Kseniya Alexandrova, 22, 5’10”

Physically, Kseniya is overwhelming and deserves to allege in a competition. But she needs to have won a judges hearts during a interviews. Otherwise, earthy beauty alone won’t cut it. Russia’s final chain was in 2012 with Elizaveta Golovanova creation it to a tip 10.

China, Roxette Qiu, 27, 5’9”

On a exterior, she looks and moves like a extreme supermodel, yet Roxette has a good luminary reminscent of Miss Universe China 2002, Zhuo Ling. She wore one of usually a handful of dusk gowns yet any beadwork or crystals (which should acquire additional points) – a pierce that finished her mount out. China’s many new placements were Top 16 (2013 – Jin Ye) and 4th Runner-up (2011 – Luo Zilin).

Ghana, Ruth Quarshie, 23, 5’9’

Ruth had one of a many noted gowns. It looked like an African-inspired fabric and she carried it beautifully. She has a pleasing face and extraordinary theatre presence. Their final chain was in 1999 with Akuba Cudjoe (Top 10), a same year Miriam Quiambao finished adult as 1st Runner-up.

Sri Lanka, Christina Peiris, 23, 5’9”

Christina is beauty, brains, and heart. She is a strongest claimant that this republic has sent and has a unequivocally large possibility of creation it to a semifinals. Their final chain was approach behind in 1955 when Maureen Hingert was 2nd Runner-up. Talk about being a good sport! Sri Lanka has invariably sent a nominee notwithstanding being unplaced for decades.

Great Britain, Anna Burdzy, 25, 5’9”

Anna looked fanciful in her dusk robe and truly finished a certain impact in her inhabitant costume. She has a unequivocally pleasing face yet comes off as a small still compared to her competitors. This competence be her stumbling block. The final time Great Britain placed was in 2013 with Amy Willerton (Top 10).

France, Alicia Aylies, 19, 5’10”

Looking to do a 2nd behind to behind attainment in Miss Universe story is France. Alicia looks like an exotic, pleasing Barbie doll. She is unequivocally statuesque compared to a some-more petite reigning Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere. If she is relatable and arituclate, we pattern to see her go unequivocally distant in a competition.

Colombia, Laura Gonzalez, 22, 5’11”

Laura is unequivocally looking to do improved than Andrea Tovar, who placed 2nd Runner-up final year. Laura has a pleasing face yet we am not feeling a oomph and x-factor from her. She competence go unnoticed, distinct her competitors and predecessors who ordered a room.

Mexico, Dennise Franco, 19, 5’10”

Dennise is a pleasing lady who is anticipating to win a 3rd Miss Universe climax for Mexico. In fact, Lupita Jones (Miss Universe 1991) and Ximena Navarette (Miss Universe 2010) both won their titles in Las Vegas. However, formed on Dennise’s rough performance, we don’t consider she will be means to transcribe that feat. A semifinals mark isn’t out of her reach, though.

Peru, Prissila Howard, 26, 5’8”

Prissila came out clever during a preliminaries and many manifestation watchers feel that she will make a cut. Las Vegas has been Peru’s propitious attract as they have placed both in 1996 (Natali Sacco) and 2012 (Nicole Faveron). Last year, Valeria Piazza also finished it to a Top 16. Although she has a pleasing face, Prissila doesn’t have a wow-factor to take it a climax formed from what we’ve seen so far.

Puerto Rico, Danna Hernandez, 21, 5’7”

This manifestation powerhouse republic has missed a cut given 2014. Danna seems unequivocally petite and does not sketch good in my opinion. But saying her adult tighten and in person, Danna’s face is artistic and her luminary unequivocally sophisticated. She is some-more along a likes of Dayanara Torres (1993) and Denise Quinones (Miss Universe 2001) with that honeyed and desirable aura. we wasn’t a fan of her dusk robe yet a semifinals mark is not out of a question.

Honduras, Apr Tobie, 18, 6’0”

April Tobie is looking to mangle a no chain strain for her country. The final time they placed was in 1955 with Pastora Pagan Valenzuela. In fact, that is a one and usually chain of Honduras in a story of a pageant. With April’s 6’0” frame, torpedo body, and illusory rough performance, that semifinals mark is within reach. we would adore for Honduras to make it given it would give such fun to an whole nation.

South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, 22, 5’7”

Prior to a manifestation festivities, Demi-leigh was one of my tip favorites for a crown, along with Rachel. In person, she has an definite star peculiarity unmatched by a other candidates. She looks unequivocally royal and moves like an A-list luminary with one of a prettiest faces in a pageant. However, she is unequivocally short. we don’t trust she’s 5’7” as listed in her profile. we comprehend that Pia Wurtzbach won opposite a many taller glamazons, so it would be unequivocally enchanting to see how a night develops for this candidate. Demi-Leigh had a reduction than stellar rough performance. Her velvet, mossy immature dusk robe did not do this enchantress probity and it finished her demeanour even shorter. Many review her to Miss Universe South Africa 2012, Melinda Bam, who was a petite pleasing woman, yet finished adult usually in a Top 10.

USA, Kara Mccullough, 26, 5’10”

The hometown lady is approaching to continue USA’s strain given 2011. In fact, they won in 2012 (Las Vegas) with Olivia Culpo who edged out Janine Tugonon for a crown. Kara is a tall, beautiful, and unequivocally intelligent immature woman. we am certain that she won a judges over with her personality. However, her finals night will mostly count on her styling choices. Her yellow-gold sequined, one-shoulder dusk robe did not demeanour great. She looked like a antiquated Pageant Patty. As poetic as she is, Kara is not as enchanting as a other delegates, yet she lights adult when onstage.

Indonesia, Bunga Jelitha Ibrani, 26, 5’11”

One demeanour during Bunga and we know she’s a supermodel. She looks extraordinary in photos and was unequivocally considerable in a dusk robe preliminaries. My biggest regard with Bunga is her ability to communicate. She does not pronounce English unequivocally good and we am not certain how that would impact her placement. Among a Asians, Bunga is a tighten third to Rachel (Philippines) and Maria (Thailand). The disproportion is a other dual are good conversationalists. She is a unequivocally desirable lady and we would adore to see her do unequivocally well. In fact, we would adore to see a 3 Southeast Asian countries make it to a Top 5.

Brazil, Monalysa Alcantara, 18, 5’8”

Let me contend that a cinema do not do probity to how overwhelming this immature lady is in person. She has that enchantress demeanour down yet acts like a honeyed girl-next-door type. As prolonged as she’s in a room, we always find myself gravitating towards her. Her choice of dusk robe competence be a adore it or hatred it type, yet we positively desired it. She is a many softer chronicle of final year’s Miss Universe Brazil, Raissa Santana. we unequivocally wish that she creates it to a Top 5.

Venezuela, Keysi Sayago, 24, 5’9”

Prior to their start of a pageant, we was on a blockade with Keysi, yet saying her in chairman totally altered that. She is unequivocally one of a tip contenders for a crown. She is beautiful, sexy, and, many importantly, charming. Apparently, that was a blank component in Mariam’s intolerable ostracism final year. we theory that’s a one doctrine everybody took from 2016. Keysi moves and walks like a loyal MIss Universe – full of life and fun on stage. Her ponytail-whipping during a swimsuit foe was perfection. The silver, bustier dusk robe wasn’t a best choice for her, though. It looked ill-fitting suggestive of an comparison Sherri Hill design. Knowing Venezuela, she will unequivocally be changing gowns for a finals. Their republic won during a 1996 Las Vegas book of a manifestation with a argumentative Alicia Machado

Thailand, Maria Poonlertlarp, 25, 6’0”

This republic is unequivocally inspired for their 3rd Miss Universe title. They have finished unequivocally good in a past 2 years with Chalita Suansane (2016, Top 6) and Aniporn Chalermburanawong (2015, Top 10). So Thailand chose their half-Thai, half-Swedish beauty, who stands during 6’ high and speaks English fluently, unequivocally well. The Thai fans are awaiting Maria to take it all. They have come in full force during a inhabitant dress uncover and a rough competition. Maria looked unequivocally royal in her showstopping bullion dusk gown. But we felt that she was rather ungainly in her swimsuit and a bit indeterminate about while on stage. But we pattern that she will go distant in a competition.

Philippines, Rachel Peters, 26, 5’8”

Rachel would be a Philippines’ propitious series 8 if she can continue a strain (The Philippines has been fixation in Miss Universe given 2010). This year, Filipino fans need not worry about a QA given Rachel is a unequivocally good speaker. we trust that she has a best physique of any Miss Universe Philippines deputy to ever set feet on a Miss Universe stage, finish with a unequivocally relaxed, surfer lady persona. we feel this works to her advantage quite when it comes to a American judges. She is a bronze enchantress prepared to replicate Pia’s feat in 2015. However, this chill opinion can infrequently be misconstrued for a miss of drive. That’s why, on manifestation night, she has to pull a bit some-more to remonstrate a judges she is inspired for it. By nature, Rachel is critical rather than playful. I’m anticipating her flirty, fun side is on arrangement come manifestation night rather than a intelligent side (except maybe in QA). we have no doubt she will be lucent with her million dollar grin when she hears all a Filipino fans entertaining their hearts out. The Philippines is prepared for a 4th Miss Universe climax and Rachel is a lady to broach it.

There are 92 pleasing and extraordinary desirable women from all over a world, with a unequivocally different organisation of rough and telecast judges creation that preference on Nov 26. It is protected to contend that a Miss Universe Finals will be unequivocally unpredictable. –

Voltaire has 10 years knowledge in a conform industry. He formerly worked with a oppulance wardrobe and accessories code in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated magna cum laude from a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, vital in Fashion Design. He also binds a BS in Applied Economics and BS in Marketing from DLSU. He is now doing genuine estate yet finds time to pursue his passions in his gangling time.

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