Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte slated for Miss Universe rape joke

July 17, 2017 - miss universe

Filipino boss Rodrigo Duterte is no foreigner to critique – nor, sadly, quips about passionate attack – though his latest acknowledgement is proof to be maybe his many provocative yet.

The 72-year-old has captivated both widespread defamation and regard for his no-nonsense proceed to a Philippines’ drug problem, though it’s his speeches that have been many divisive.

The latest comments came during a tourism eventuality in Davao City, when he shielded a position on drugs that has seen thousands executed given he took office.

“What we don’t like are kids [being raped],” he said, referencing a outcome narcotics can have on those who take them.

But afterwards he continued: “You can disaster with, maybe Miss Universe. Maybe we will even honour we for carrying a balls to rape somebody when we know we are going to die [for a offence].”

The Miss Universe beauty manifestation was hosted in a Philippines in Jan 2016, with a new bid approaching to be done to horde a eventuality late this year.

It is not transparent either Duterte’s criticism will impact a island nation’s chances of a Miss Universe manifestation being hosted on their shores again.

The acknowledgement comes only dual months after Mr Duterte joked that Filipino infantry in a city of Marawi could rape adult to 3 women before confronting consequences for their actions.

He also drew madness for a criticism he done during a choosing debate final year, in that he pronounced he was “angry” he wasn’t a initial to have sex with a “beautiful” Australian companion before she was raped and killed.


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