Nurul Shamsul hopes to mangle stereotypes in Miss Universe NZ pageant

June 9, 2018 - miss universe

PETALING JAYA: Having a Malaysian Muslim lady attend in beauty pageants might set tongues wagging, though Nurul Shamsul aims to use her position in a Top 20 of Miss Universe New Zealand to mangle stereotypes and boundaries.

Nurul, 20, pronounced she hopes to showcase a certain side of Islam and to uncover a loyal clarification of beauty.

She pronounced that many of a universe is unprotected to a Western standards of beauty, though she hopes to mangle that classify and redefine a clarification of beauty.

“I wish a clarification of beauty to be some-more inclusive, no matter a person’s distance or skin colour,” Nurul told The Star’s Malay denunciation portal mStar.

Being a Muslim in a beauty pageant, Nurul pronounced that she is mostly asked if she has to wear a bikini.

“The answer is no. The (New Zealand) manifestation abolished a swimwear difficulty 5 years ago, so we do not have to wear any swimwear,” she said.

New Zealand ditched a swimwear difficulty in 2012 to make a foe some-more complicated and inclusive.

Nurul pronounced she is wakeful that Muslim women in Malaysia are not authorised to attend in beauty pageants since of a swimwear category.

“Miss Universe New Zealand is really different, we am authorised to wear whatever garments we wish during a filming session,” she said.

Nurul, who was innate in Ampang and changed to New Zealand when she was five, pronounced she was deeply overwhelmed by a Miss Universe New Zealand foe organiser’s proceed to Muslim participants.

“In countries like New Zealand, we accept diversity. Due to informative diversity, we have never encountered any problems, disturbances or problems while wearing a hijab,” she said.

“Wearing a hijab does not impede me from fasten this competition,” pronounced Nurul, who is a tyro during Waikato University.

During a new manifestation shelter to Bangkok, Thailand, Nurul pronounced a organiser ensured that she had halal food.

“I am deeply changed by how easy they were,” she said.

Nurul pronounced she even brought a baju kebaya with her during her shelter to Bangkok.

“I wore it during a cooking function. we like a design. It shows my delicate side with a flower settlement and colour,” she said.

In a final theatre of a competition, Nurul pronounced she hopes to dress in a baju kebaya so that she can uncover off Malaysia’s enlightenment to a rest of a world.

“I’m in a Top 20. There will be someone that will dress me for a finals. But if we can wear a baju kebaya, we will positively not let that event pass,” she said.

Nurul pronounced she is confident and looking brazen to a knowledge being in a finals of a beauty pageant.

“Here we am in a Top 20, a first-ever hijabi competitor and a initial Malay lady to foe in Miss Universe New Zealand,” she said.

“Alhamdulillah, many people’s greeting has been really positive. Everyone has given me support. we am really beholden and happy,” pronounced Nurul.

In Malaysia, Muslim women are taboo from contesting in beauty pageants as it has been announced “haram” and “sinful”.

A fatwa had been gazetted on Feb 8, 1996, underneath a Administration of Islamic Laws (Federal Territories) Act 1993, banning Muslims from joining, organising, or contributing in any approach to beauty pageants.

Four Muslim contestants were forced to dump out of a Miss Malaysia World 2013 foe after they were deemed to have angry Islam

Pageant organisers are starting to follow in New Zealand’s footsteps by scrapping a swimsuit territory in beauty pageants.

Last year, a Miss Universe Great Britain competitor refused to wear a bikini in a swimwear territory of a competition.

On Tuesday (June 5), Miss Universe America announced that they are scrapping a swimsuit and dusk robe territory of a competition. It will be transposed with “a live interactive event with a judges” in that a competitor “will prominence her achievements and goals in life”.

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