Music Ambassador Speaks on Miss Universe Controversy

April 22, 2017 - miss universe

The 5-part blog uploaded to a internet by Tony Rath on a behind a scenes accounts of a Miss Belize/Universe eventuality has influenced emotions from several circles of multitude and in some cases have barbarous many Belizeans.  His comment to what transpired between a contestant, Rebecca Rath and a Pageant Director, Opal Enriquez has fundamentally indicated that a support was lacking and some underneath minding took place in Manila, Philippines.  Since a blogs were released, one past manifestation queen, Sherima Guity has countered them around a use of adjectives opposite Rebecca Rath that has combined fuel to a already exhilarated comments posted.  It is utterly a black eye on internal splendour and it is something that Belize’s Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, says can be reconciled earlier rather than later.


“I would unequivocally like to see a Ms. Belize classification and a Rath handlers try to solve whatever issues are there and we would unequivocally inspire everybody concerned to try to safety this event for a subsequent Ms. Belize 2017 that we am unequivocally most looking brazen to so we would unequivocally like to see settlement and a approach brazen though we unequivocally can’t contend some-more than that we only wish to see that all parties could determine differences and maybe draft a approach brazen since positively we need to demeanour during what this means for a 2017 Ms. Belize and we unequivocally wouldn’t wish to see anything negatively impact their event to go to Ms. Universe and contest on interest of Belize so we unequivocally inspire everybody to try to be one and try to solve a differences and lets all come together to support a subsequent Ms. Belize. We need to come together to yield that height for a contestants and we wish we convene as a republic behind a subsequent Ms. Belize.”

Ambassador Barrow says that he would be peaceful and accessible to describe any assistance in removing a conditions resolved in sequence to offer a subsequent Belize an event to conduct to Miss Universe.


“Whatever we could do. You know we have a good honour for Rebecca and what she’s achieved we have upheld her from a unequivocally beginning. My bureau and me privately we upheld Rebecca we honour her parents, her grandmother even I’m unequivocally most a fan of her grandmother and we honour Opal and a Ms. Belize Organization and so approbation positively whatever we could do to be a overpass between a dual and only get everybody on house so that we can draft a approach onward so that a subsequent Ms. Belize contestants and a subsequent Ms. Belize leader has a one support of a republic and all a resources that she needs and that nothing of a mistakes that were done formerly be repeated.”

Pageant Director, Opal Enriquez is nonetheless to respond to any of a allegations done opposite her in a Rath blogs.

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