Miss Universe contra ‘ugly’ girls and career women, and sex as a farming pastime: The extraordinary box of Indian textbooks

April 17, 2017 - miss universe

“There is a immeasurable disproportion in a figure of males and females, 36”, 24”, 36” figure of females is deliberate a best. That is since in Miss World or Miss Universe competitions such form of shapes is also taken into consideration.” This is a believe imparted to a category 12 propagandize by his or her Physical Education textbook.

The textbook, authored by Dr VK Sharma goes on to explain how “due to figure of females, they are not means to run properly.” Why earthy preparation is during all taught regulating a textbook, rather than impasse in sports is another doubt altogether.

Gender stereotyping is not usually limited to describing a earthy attributes of a womanlike as seen in a earthy preparation textbook, reason on compartment we review page 131 of a Economics content prescribed for Class 9 (Goel 2017). Under a theme ‘Social Discrimination opposite Women’, a author states: “As women acquire some-more income – as has been regularly shown – they spend it on a serve preparation and health of a children, as against to men, who mostly spend it on drink, tobacco or other women”.

This is not a initial time schools underneath CBSE have come underneath open inspection for ‘educating’ students with irrelevant and descent content.  About dual months ago, a Class IV book for Environmental Studies in Delhi patrician “Our Green World” went viral on amicable media for prescribing an examination to illustrate that vital beings need oxygen to survive. Authored by K V Vincent and published by PP Publications, it asked a students to put a kitten in a box but holes and observe that a animal would have died. 

Read full story here.

In Feb 2017, a category 12 sociology content published by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education became a articulate indicate since notwithstanding carrying 6 authors, essay and modifying it, it printed a following sentence: “If a lady is nauseous and handicapped, afterwards it becomes really formidable for her to get married. To marry such girls, groom and his family direct some-more dowry. Parents of such girls turn infirm and compensate dowry as per a final of groom family”.

This reason of “ugliness” and “dowry” on page 78 of a content usually goes to uncover how feeble scrutinised a calm of propagandize textbooks are.

A Scroll.in report suggested that this aspect was not a usually thing injured about a calm of a Sociology textbook. The essay picked adult several pointless paragraphs from a same content book that make one consternation what a authors know about sociology and either they were competent to author books to learn a theme during all.

Here are a few highlights :

“[M]any people, generally a farming and genealogical people do not have sufficient means of recreational facilities. Their usually form of delight is indulging in passionate activity, but even deliberation a outcomes. If these people are supposing with certain recreational facilities, afterwards a series of births would really come down.”

“[I]f mother is also some-more ambitious, she concentrates on her career and attempts to get promotion. She becomes rather inattentive about her home and so her father expresses his anger. Children are somehow neglected if both father and mother are in use and as a outcome children can turn deviant. For that they both censure any other. Many of a operative women are not in a position to take caring of their husbands or even some of them are not peaceful to take caring of in-laws. As a outcome father becomes angry”

source ⦿ http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2017/apr/12/miss-universe-versus-ugly-girls-and-career-women-and-sex-as-a-rural-pastime-the-curious-case-of-1592905.html

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