Miss Universe theatre ‘nothing like a movies’

April 28, 2017 - miss universe

COAST beauty Aquila Bergstrom is feeling assured streamer into today’s Miss Universe Australia Queensland final.

The former indication will make her initial entrance in a 2017 foe after receiving a wild-card entry, pitting her opposite 27 other Queenslanders opposed for a possibility to take a Miss Universe Australia Crown in June.

But for Ms Bergstrom a foe was as most about creation durability connectors as entrance out on top.

“It’s only for fun, and to see what happens, and accommodate some some-more people in a industry.


Aquila Bergstrom.

Aquila Bergstrom. Andre Cois

“It’s been a unequivocally beguiling journey.

“Its zero like manifestation shows or cinema … it’s only a garland of friendly, normal practical Aussie chicks.

“It’s kind of like propagandize camp.”


Aquila Bergstrom.

Aquila Bergstrom. Dariane Sanche

Ms Bergstrom has been brushing adult on stream affairs and attack a gym some-more mostly than common in credentials for today’s event.

She is wise a competition’s final in around her already-busy report as a full-time university student, blogger and amicable influencer.

Read some-more about her life divided from a theatre in Saturday’s LifeStyle Weekend magazine.

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