Miss Universe Singapore Lisa Marie White tries palm during interior design

March 19, 2018 - miss universe

She has competed opposite 79 other beauty queens from around a universe during a Miss Universe pageant, watched by a tellurian assembly of millions.

You would cruise that Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2015 leader Lisa Marie White is no foreigner to behaving underneath pressure.

But as a competitor in a arriving sixth deteriorate of interior pattern existence TV array The Apartment: Passion For Design, she found a foe even some-more exhilarated than what she had gifted during a general pageant.

This was generally so as a 24-year-old indication went into a uncover cold, with no before knowledge in interior design.

And in a initial episode, she was thrown in during a low finish when she was tasked to be group captain over dual masculine contestants, Aung Naing Linn from Myanmar and Eugene del Rosario from a Philippines, who are veteran interior designers.

She told The New Paper over a phone: “The highlight levels were unequivocally crazy, it was a lot some-more stressful than a pageant. we attempted my best to cruise everybody’s ideas and grasp a change between what they want. It was fun, and we got along well.”

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Her MUS knowledge helped her too.

“When we are in a party industry, we are unprotected to conform and pattern a lot. That was how we got to know design.”

Premiering on Mar 22 during 9pm on Sony Channel (Singtel TV Ch 316/StarHub TV Ch 510), The Apartment, that was filmed in Malaysia, facilities 12 contestants from around Asia competing to turn a subsequent interior pattern superstar.


The leader walks divided with a biggest esteem in a series’ history, a help to a lush D’Lagoon unit in Iskandar, Malaysia.

There were many firsts on a uncover for White.

For someone who had never overwhelmed a screwdriver or cavalcade before, she was not fearful to get down and dirty, perplexing all from portrayal walls to construction.

“We unequivocally did a work by ourselves. Everybody had to put in some work, and it was super exhausting.”

One of a categorical hurdles she faced was creation her voice heard.

She recalled: “I was grouped with people who had opposite ideas and visions, and clever personalities too. They did not always take others’ opinions into consideration. That was where a play came in.

“Furthermore, we lived together and that can get ungainly sometimes.”

For White, a many touching knowledge out of The Apartment was when they had to reconstruct a Malaysian institution and she befriended a girls there.

“They were intelligent, with large ambitions. we got to know them on a opposite turn from a other contestants since we could pronounce Malay.

“It was a many touching part for me,” pronounced White, whose mom is a Malay Singaporean and father is from New Zealand.

She lives in a four-room Housing Board prosaic in Yishun with her silent and dual sisters, and she described her dream “all-white” unit as such: “It would be a unequivocally niceand atmospheric condo with a large balcony. There would be opposite textures and opposite shades of white.”

Since filming for The Apartment ended, White has been open to serve forays into interior design.

“Nobody trusts me adequate to pattern their residence yet. But maybe after a uncover airs, people will start guileless me,” she said.

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