Miss Universe Singapore 2017: Tessa Hogan

October 7, 2017 - miss universe

Miss Universe Singapore 2017: Tessa HoganTNP PHOTO: BENJAMIN SEETOR

Growing up, Tessa Hogan, 25, did not have purpose models to demeanour adult to as her divorced relatives were operative many of a time, withdrawal her grandparents as her primary caregivers.

But a values taught to her in propagandize helped her turn who she is today.

The priority landowner told The New Paper: “My ultimate idea is to revoke a income opening between a abounding and bad by ensuring preparation for all immature children.

“Obviously, it is critical to start (when they are) immature so we can scrupulously maintain them.”

Tessa, whose father is Eurasian and mom Malay, intends to do her partial during a Global Partnership for Education (GPE), a tellurian account focused on preparation in building countries.

It aims to yield a full cycle of preparation to children by 2030.

Last path before leader is crowned


She said: “I wish to learn children and build schools in building countries to assistance urge their situation. It will also be my biggest honour if I’m means to share my ideas and be partial of a formulation cabinet in GPE.”

On a personal note, Tessa also enjoys swimming, going to a beach, meditating, cycling and in-line skating.

What is a means we wish to quarrel for in Miss Universe Singapore 2017?

Giving entrance to preparation for children in building countries. Based on United Nations (UN) statistics, 85 per cent of children in low-income countries do not have entrance to pre-primary education, an shocking rate of some-more than 250 million children.

Without a right resources, it is homogeneous to no preparation and a rubbish of efforts.

This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?

Location: Singapore Turf Club

It means giving behind to a village and carrying a ability to lift others up.

To me, one of a categorical functions in life is to assistance others who are in need and take one step brazen by impacting lives.

I am ardent about children as they are a light and guarantee a improved universe to come.

Which successful vital chairman would we like to meet?

Queen Rania of Jordan.

She is an disciple of preparation for children in a universe as Honorary Global Chair of a UN Girls’ Education Initiative.

The Queen Rania Foundation also reaches out to a children of Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Moreover, Queen Rania is also internationally recognized for ancillary toleration and care within countries.

To be means to pronounce with her and sell ideas per both of a passions and to be concerned in some of her initiatives would be a dream come true. She is a clarification of a purpose indication everybody can demeanour adult to and learn from.

I wish to consolidate her strength, beauty and practical nature.

What is a biggest feat we wish to proudly demeanour behind on?

Making a disproportion in multitude by my efforts in tellurian initiatives for education. we wish to be a source of change to a UN and distinguished gift organisations, helping both grown and building countries in their efforts to yield some-more resources and cost funding.


My lifelong idea is to declare a finish of child work and for children around a universe to have equal opportunities and entrance (when it comes) to education.

What is a many impassioned thing we have finished to yourself in a name of beauty?

Dyeing my hair opposite colours, from black to several shades of brown, blonde and even splendid red. we adore experimenting with opposite hairstyles too, from a incline to my stream prolonged tresses.


The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 culmination will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy five-course cooking with scintillating party and wines.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, revisit tnp.sg/mustickets



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