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October 3, 2017 - miss universe


After her cousin, who suffered from depression, died in 2015, Tanooja Rai, 27, motionless to make a difference.

The cyber counterclaim accounts manager, who graduated from a National University of Singapore with a grade in electrical engineering, told The New Paper: “I strongly trust in carrying a support complement for those going by depression.

“People don’t know a extreme actions those pang from basin can take and a tarnish that comes with it, so we wish to lift awareness.”

In 2015, Tanooja instituted a private transformation on Facebook.With friends who are counsellors or in amicable work, she combined a private Facebook organisation – The Fight Against Depression – to strech out to those in need.

She said: “Participants get to share their feelings anonymously. We also promulgate over a phone and even organize organisation meetings for those who are some-more gentle pity their personal stories…

“I wish to give them a certainty and ability to voice out instead of bottling their issues, that will be detrimental.”

Getting primped, properly

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What is a means we wish to quarrel for in Miss Universe Singapore 2017?

Tanooja Rai


I wish to be an impulse to all a victims out there fighting these battles by formulating a height for them to voice their concerns and have an dynamic support complement to residence these concerns. we am already operative on assisting some people pang from basin by several means (like a Facebook group).There is no force some-more absolute than a lady dynamic to rise, so we wish to come adult with a support complement for victims of cyber bullying as good as championing a means to quarrel opposite cyber bullying.The quarrel opposite depression. Helping someone with basin can be a plea – we gifted that when my cousin died due to a illness.

This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?

It means giving behind to multitude and a world. It is about apropos reduction of me and some-more of us. It is also about moulding a universe into a improved place for everybody by lending a assisting palm to one another, but awaiting anything in return.

I would like to support a Singapore Children’s Society. we trust children are a purest form of life, and with a right guidance, they can make a large impact in society. we wish to instil a (value) of affability in children and concede them to be means to pass down a same (value) of affability to someone else.

Which successful vital chairman would we like to meet?

Sparsh Shah. He is a 14-year-old Indian song expert who lives in a US and was innate with roughly 40 fractures.

He is a vital impulse to robust and infirm people alike. To date, he has created 10 songs. He has also memorised 250 digits of pi. Sparsh has desirous me to trust that dreams are not enough. It is tough work that turns them into reality, and we am tender by his unbreakable spirit.

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What is a biggest plea women face today?

Despite a model change in a universe currently where we are saying some-more women surpassing and climbing a corporate ladder, we can't bashful divided from a fact that a change did not exterminate a required mindsets or stereotypes a universe has of women. Women are seen as a weaker sex, and so correlated as reduction able than men.

The hurdles come in several forms in opposite countries. we trust we should enthuse women to mount adult and quarrel opposite these challenges.

What is your special talent?

The ability to prepare 4 opposite cuisines – Chinese, Indian, Western and Turkish.

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The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 fnale will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy fve-course cooking with party and wine.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, visit tnp.sg/mustickets

Tanooja Rai



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Stylist: ZH Tan

Hair: Apgujeong Hair Studio

Make-up: Cosmoprof Academy

Manicure pedicure: Beaute Nails

Studio fire Photographer: Benjamin Seetor

Resorts World Sentosa fire Photographer: Phyllicia Wang

Location: Adventure Cove Waterpark

Swimwear: K.Blu Swim

Accessories: Denni

Singapore Turf Club fire Photographer: Ng Sok Eng, BerryHappy Photography

Dresses: Style Lease

Accessories: Denni

Writer: Charmaine Soh

Videography: Dalene Low, Sim Jia Yi

Additional photography: Dalene Low

Project managers: Sheralynn Shen Jega, Khoo Yap Meng

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