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Like any beauty manifestation competitor value her salt, Shonalie Raha, 24, is ardent about saving a environment.

Working during a vital communication company, she helps businesses tell their story by digital calm and workshops.

But she herself has an moving story to tell, as someone who is all for Mother Earth.

After examination a 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, she grown a outrageous passion for meridian movement and environmental studies.

Last year, she graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, with a grade in environmental studies.

She said: “No matter where we are from, a earth is a home and we should all strengthen it.

Kids get a leg adult during gift event

“If we can strengthen a desired ones, because not (protect) where we live too?”

One of her biggest achievements is being in a steering cabinet that led 25,000 people in a impetus for meridian probity in Canada during winter in 2015.

In Singapore, she organized a meridian discussion for about 150 immature people in April, and progressing this month, was manager of a Singapore Eco Film Festival, that celebrates tolerable environmental solutions.

I have always been ardent about a environment. we trust as adults of a earth, we all have a purpose to play and a shortcoming to a generations to come. We need to do a partial to strengthen a home. Shonalie Raha, Content strategist, 24

As for Shonalie’s personal checklist for a arriving year, she said: “I wish to write a book of communication and transport to countries like Peru, Japan and Iceland where we can accommodate many engaging people.”

As someone who frequently meditates, Shonalie skeleton to embark on a 10-day wordless retreat. She final did it 3 years ago during St John’s Island.

What is a means we wish to quarrel for in Miss Universe Singapore 2017?

I have always been ardent about a environment.

Ever given we was little, we have been pity with others my adore and passion for it, either it was revelation my sister to have shorter showers or essay essays on how a poles were going to melt.

My favourite quote is “If not now, afterwards when? And if not you, afterwards who?”

I trust as adults of a earth, we all have a purpose to play and a shortcoming to a generations to come.

We need to do a partial to strengthen a home.



This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?

Charity means giving back, and to me, it does not meant we need to give a lot.

I am a clever disciple for volunteering, as it gives we a event to learn and assistance someone new.

Some of my best training practice happened while assisting someone.

Which successful vital chairman would we like to meet?

(US model) Ashley Graham, a lady who is holding a modelling universe by storm. She believes that large is beautiful.

Whenever we am feeling down, we demeanour during her and we am vacant during how she embraces her curves.

She is a essence of both inner and outmost beauty, and we are propitious to have someone of her description in a generation.

Tell us about a time we overcame a fear.

One of my biggest fears was open speaking.

I was always fearful we would pronounce too quick or contend a wrong things and we would solidify totally while my mind went blank.

So when we incited 19, we motionless to overcome my fear.

I motionless to run for a care position during my university advocating equivalence and environmental policy, and we had to pronounce in front of people in my university.

I spent a lot of time practising, and yet we did not win, there were 2,000 people ancillary me.

What is a biggest plea confronting women today?

Though we have changed on from a past, we still find that in a workplace, we are not given equal event and a opinions never seem to be seen as clever as a man’s.

It is something we consider is improving, with some-more women holding on critical positions, though it does not seem quick enough.

What is a many impassioned thing we have finished to yourself in a name of beauty?

When we was 14 and wanted true teeth, we suspicion it would be intelligent of me to record down my dual front teeth so they would be in a true line.

Unfortunately, we am now left with a somewhat disproportionate grin that constantly reminds me to deliberate an expert.

About Miss Universe Singapore 2017


The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 culmination will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy five-course cooking with scintillating party and wines.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, visit tnp.sg/mustickets


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