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October 7, 2017 - miss universe


As a teen who hung out a lot with masculine schoolmates, played football and ran around removing unwashed in propagandize fields, Nadiah Sapuan was treated as an wandering in some quarters.

Initially, she worked tough to try and fit in, though in a end, a rough-and-tumble hoyden only supposed who she was.

The 24-year-old moody attendant told The New Paper: “I attempted to change though it didn’t work out. we finished adult slicing my hair brief and embraced my differences instead.

“Not bothering about what people pronounced of me done it easier to accept that it is fine to be different.”

Through a Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) pageant, Nadiah wants to foster gender equality.

She said: “Anyone can do anything they wish or be anyone they want, so prolonged as they stay loyal to themselves.”

Last path before leader is crowned

Her hobbies embody roving motorbikes: She has dual – a KTM EXC 200 mud bike and a Honda PGM 3 competition bike. She mostly heads to Johor Baru with friends to dirtbike.

The animal partner also hopes to proffer during a Society for a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and a World Wildlife Fund.

What means do we wish to quarrel for in Miss Universe Singapore 2017?

I trust in gender equality.

Everyone is special and singular in their possess way.

Being opposite can be frightful during times though we contingency stay loyal to yourself.

This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?

It means being means to give and help. A tiny act of affability has a sputter outcome and can go a prolonged way.

I have always upheld animal shelters, as I’ve desired animals given we was a child.

Unlike humans, animals can’t verbally demonstrate pain or unhappiness.

Abandoned pets are mostly abused and lost so it would be an honour (for me) to be their voice and emanate awareness.


Which successful chairman alive currently would we like to meet?

(American singer) Pink. we have always dignified how confidant and confidant she is.

Miss Universe Singapore 2017: Nadiah Sapuan

Through her songs, she encourages immature women to be opposite and not to turn a plant of society.

What is your biggest strength?

I trust in gender equality. Everyone is special and singular in their possess way. Being opposite can be frightful during times though we contingency stay loyal to yourself. Nadiah Sapuan Flight attendant, 24

My never-say-die attitude. we pull myself to my boundary and try new things, as we trust that being confidant and violation your bounds will conclude who we are.

Tell us about a time we overcame a fear.

In my teens, we felt like we didn’t fit in. we constantly feared rejection, and we wanted to be accepted. But it was overpowering to be who we are not, so we motionless to overcome a fear and be loyal to myself instead.

What is a biggest plea confronting women today?

The consistent quarrel for acceptance.

Location: Singapore Turf Club

I feel that women still fear doing certain things as they fear being judged. We are always underneath vigour to act and act a certain approach only since of a sex.

What is your special talent?

The ability to nap for an whole day and still be sleepy a subsequent day.

Kidding aside, we would contend it is a ability to use negativity as a proclivity since it pushes me,

at times, over my boundaries.


The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 culmination will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy five-course cooking with scintillating party and wines.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, revisit 



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Resorts World Sentosa fire Photographer: Phyllicia Wang

Location: Adventure Cove Waterpark

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Singapore Turf Club fire Photographer: Ng Sok Eng, BerryHappy Photography

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Videography: Dalene Low, Sim Jia Yi

Additional photography: Dalene Low

Project manager:

Sheralynn Shen Jega

Khoo Yap Meng

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