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October 5, 2017 - miss universe


Despite carrying no knowledge when it comes to modelling or beauty pageants, Estelle Heng, 19, assimilated Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) 2017 for a purpose bigger than herself.

The gerontological government studies tyro from Temasek Polytechnic feels strongly about ancillary a ageing race here and realised she “couldn’t make as outrageous an impact as a student” for her cause.

She told The New Paper: “I wish to change people’s perceptions towards comparison adults by formulating opportunities for them to be active in their golden years.

“I wish to use (MUS) as a height to work together with others to change mindsets and emanate a some-more age-friendly Singapore.”

Estelle added: “I also wish to widespread and foster my means to a masses and infer to myself that we can do something out of my comfort zone.”

Having taken adult taekwondo during her village village centre when she was 11, she binds a black belt in a competition and volunteers by coaching children once a week.

Her destiny skeleton embody furthering her studies in gerontology and going abroad to learn about comparison adults’ approach of life in other cultures.

This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?

It is about a ardent organisation of like-minded people who wish to assistance a certain territory of multitude have a improved peculiarity of life.

I would like to support a Tsao Foundation as we trust in a goal to capacitate comparison adults to have a certain ageing experience.


Which successful chairman would we like to meet?

(American indication and entrepreneur) Karlie Kloss. Through her coding programmes for immature women, she empowers them to (discover) their loyal potential.

She inspires me since this is her possess start-up in line with her goal to (also) make an impact on a (computer scholarship and program engineering) industry.

Likewise, we also aspire to have my possess beginning though for a comparison adults in a society, to assistance them find their loyal intensity and foster their skills and abilities.


What is your biggest strength?


My curiosity. we wish to try as most as we can… and we always try to do something different. For instance, we went to China for a village growth plan and worked with a Cantonese show unit to rise tolerable village plans.

During another semester, we took adult Italian to learn some-more about a singular enlightenment and language. we also had a possibility to group adult with an comparison adult and be artistic in (making a film about) a stretched relations between comparison adults and their children in an epoch of advancing technology.

Tell us about a time we overcame a fear.

I used to fear being in a spotlight. It wasn’t until promenade night in delegate propagandize when we had to perform a taekwondo aerobic dance for a conspirator that we finally pennyless out of my comfort zone.

It was frightful though we felt prepared after most credentials and a support of my friends and family.

That knowledge altered me since we realised my fears would usually drag me down and never concede me to share my complacency with others.

What is a biggest plea confronting women today?

Ageing gracefully. The volume of highlight and responsibilities given to women can be tough, generally when it comes to caregiving. we trust that some-more support can be given to assuage their caregiving weight and support them by these years.

In a future, we wish to impact this territory of multitude and capacitate women to caring for their desired ones in a some-more understanding environment.



The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 culmination will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy five-course cooking with scintillating party and wines.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, revisit tnp.sg/mustickets



Creative director: Yeoh Wee Teck

Stylist: ZH Tan

Hair: Apgujeong Hair Studio

Make-up: Cosmoprof Academy

Manicure pedicure: Beaute Nails

Studio fire Photographer: Benjamin Seetor

Resorts World Sentosa fire Photographer: Phyllicia Wang

Location: Adventure Cove Waterpark

Swimwear: K.Blu Swim

Accessories: Denni

Singapore Turf Club fire Photographer: Ng Sok Eng, BerryHappy Photography

Dresses: Style Lease

Accessories: Denni

Writer: Charmaine Soh

Videography: Dalene Low, Sim Jia Yi

Additional photography: Dalene Low

Project manager: Sheralynn Shen Jega, Khoo Yap Meng

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