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September 20, 2017 - miss universe


Dalvin Kaur had no suspicion her younger sister sealed her adult for Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) until she was sensitive she had been shortlisted for a auditions.

The 28-year-old controls associate during a banktold The New Paper: “Initially, we did not wish to go for it since of work commitments, though we am someone who always encourages others to squeeze reason of new experiences.

“All those difference were flung behind during me, so we eventually motionless to try it out, meaningful we won’t get a possibility again.”

She is one of a oldest finalists this year and Dalvin feels like it can assistance her.

She said: “I feel like we have left by some problems and have adequate knowledge to feel some-more assured about myself.” When she was flourishing up, Dalvin’s family was not financially well-off, that spurred her to do good in school.


She said: “I wanted to have improved chances during furthering my studies, and during that indicate in time, we did not have many things my peers had.”

This is because she is so ardent about her means – to yield equal opportunities for impecunious children, such as those from financially disadvantaged families or those with training disabilities, and safeguard their educational needs are met.

She said: “I have been where they are and we wish them to have a same opportunities that others have taken for granted.

“Children are a destiny of a multitude and preparation gives them a means to pursue a career of their choice, lead a prolific life and mangle out of a misery cycle.”

This year’s thesis is “Vie for a Beautiful Cause”. What does gift meant to you?


It means creation a certain impact on someone else’s life. we am beholden to be sanctified with a roof over my head, food to eat and carrying my desired ones around me.

It is critical to realize that not everybody is propitious adequate to have their simple necessities met, so those who can should give behind to a community. The gift organization we would support is Children’s Wishing Well as they yield children from lower-income families with simple necessities and education. Their goal resonates with me as they relate a means we am ardent about.

Which successful vital chairman would we like to meet?

(US educational and politician) Elizabeth Warren. She was innate to a janitor and came from a reduce center category family, rose to turn a law highbrow and now, a reputable US senator championing a operative center class.

I admire a tough work she has put in to get to where she is and that she continues to give behind to multitude by regulating her voice to plea a norms and demeanour out for a interests of a people who nominated her. She is an instance of a caring, dynamic and egghead lady who is not fearful to pronounce adult for a issues she believes in.

Tell us about a time we overcame a fear.

I have a fear of H2O and we can't swim. But we went on a outing to Bali where my friends wanted to go helmet diving. we was dynamic not to let my fear stop me from enjoying a experience.

I literally took a thrust in a Indian Ocean. It did not assistance that H2O was seeping into my helmet and we suspicion we was going to die on a sea floor. However, we am unapproachable that we have cowed my fear.

What is a biggest plea confronting women today?

It is a mindset that to be successful, we are approaching to mangle a potion roof during work, be a primary caregivers for a families and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is critical to realize we have to (prioritise) a possess interests and make time for ourselves. We should not be pressured to cover ourselves into society’s depiction of a successful woman, though instead, emanate a possess clarification of success.




The Miss Universe Singapore 2017 culmination will be hold on Oct 11 during Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, West Ballroom.

Expect a wealthy five-course cooking with party and wine.

Individual tickets are from $400, and a list of 10 is from $3,888.

To buy tickets, revisit tnp.sg/mustickets


Creative director: Yeoh Wee Teck

Stylist: ZH Tan

Hair: Apgujeong Hair Studio

Make-up: Cosmoprof Academy

Manicure pedicure: Beaute Hub Nails

Studio fire Photographer: Benjamin Seetor

Resorts World Sentosa fire Photographer: Phyllicia Wang

Location: Adventure Cove Waterpark

Swimwear: K.Blu Swim

Accessories: Denni

Singapore Turf Club fire Photographer: Ng Sok Eng, BerryHappy Photography

Dresses: Style Lease

Accessories: Denni

Writer: Charmaine Soh

Videography: Dalene Low, Sim Jia Yi

Additional photography: Dalene Low

Project managers: Sheralynn Shen Jega

Khoo Yap Meng

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