Miss Universe reveals her hair caring secrets

February 8, 2018 - miss universe

Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Newly crowned Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, returned to South African dirt this month for her central homecoming celebration. At an insinuate high-tea entertainment during Bishop’s Court Old Mutual House, Nel-Peters, a 66th Miss Universe leader common a secrets behind her winning hair-care regime.

“Winning a Miss Universe pretension was not usually a personal feat though a feat for a whole rainbow nation. we couldn’t be some-more unapproachable to paint South Africa. we wish this will enthuse each singular lady with a dream, that with tough work and loyalty any dream is reachable,” says Demi-Leigh.

Inge Peacock, Managing Director of Glamit – disdainful South African distributors of CHI, a central haircare unite of a Miss Universe Organization voiced her pleasure during saying a internal lady sitting on a concept throne. “At Glamit, we commission women to demeanour fabulous, feel pleasing and demonstrate their possess middle beauty. We trust that in sequence to be truly glamorous, one should also be socially conscious. Demi-Leigh totally embodies these qualities and we are unapproachable to be dependent with this unusual lady who is truly honourable of her title,” says Peacock.

“My hair is an critical partial of who we am and if my hair is healthy and looks great, we feel confident. we worked with CHI stylist, Julián Maciás, via a Miss Universe competition. He accepted my hair ideally and knew accurately what we wanted and how to grasp a look.”

Demi-Leigh says that removing a event to work with a tellurian code is intensely sparkling and that she can't wait to see what this year will hold. “Taking good caring of my hair is only as critical to me as holding good caring of my physique and soul,” combined a new Miss Universe.

Demi-Leigh likes to provide her hair with a CHI Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask

She suggested that she now washes her hair each second or third day with CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to mislay impurities and additional scalp build up, change scalp oils and say ideal dampness levels. She follows this with a CHI Tea Tree Oil Conditioner to replenish, moisturize and uphold her hair and scalp.

Demi-Leigh emitted that she has a lot of hair, that can be complicated and lacks a volume she would like. Her repair for this is a CHI Dry Shampoo, that rises her roots and gives her hair good body, while preventing it from removing greasy fast.

The beauty black swears by regulating good collection to keep her thatch looking and feeling good and is a large fan of a CHI 1″ Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. “When I’m on a highway we like to have one apparatus for mixed uses and a Hairstyling Iron is ideal for straightening my hair or creation pleasing waves.” Her other tip apparatus picks embody a CHI Rocket Dryer that dries her thick tresses 50% faster than unchanging dryers and a CHI Ellipse Teflon and Titanium Styling Wand to emanate ideal curls and waves. Before styling, she uses a CHI Rose Hip Oil Repair Shine Leave-In Tonic to now supplement moisture, gleam and strength, while expelling frizz and determining immobile for smooth, docile hair.

When not on a go, Demi-Leigh likes to provide her hair with a CHI Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask that she says is ideal for reviving your hair on that day off. “Just like a bodies need rest, so does a hair. we put a hair facade on twice a month and travel around with it for a whole day.”

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