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February 5, 2017 - miss universe

New Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere (center) met  with Ambassador Thierry Mathou and mother Ccile Mathou on a day of her departure. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE FRENCH EMBASSYNew Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere (center) met  with Ambassador Thierry Mathou and mother Ccile Mathou on a day of her departure. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE FRENCH EMBASSY

New Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere (center) met with Ambassador Thierry Mathou and mother Cécile Mathou on a day of her departure. —PHOTO COURTESY OF THE FRENCH EMBASSY

Filipinos have some-more in common with a French—aside from a pulchritude of a people, that is. There’s a Catholic faith, for one.

Half in jest, half in earnest, Thierry Mathou, French envoy to a Philippines, admitted: “We prayed a lot. We went to opposite churches and we illuminated candles so that Miss France would win Miss Universe.”

It worked, and Iris Mittenaere, a 24-year-old dental medicine tyro from Lille, won a desired crown—becoming customarily a second Miss Universe from France given 1953.

When a envoy finally met a beauty black during a feat jubilee hold after a pageant, he detected that she wasn’t customarily overwhelming and statuesque; she was intelligent and pointy as well.

“She is really French,” Mathou told a Inquirer. “We can all see that she is a pleasing woman. That she has utterly a presence.” But he described Mittenaere as some-more than a looker. “She is a entirely complicated lady who’s means and really intelligent.”

Mathou associated that Mittenaere’s answer to a doubt on a interloper predicament in Europe had shown that she was not customarily entirely wakeful of tellurian news events, she also espoused a French values of liberté, égalité, fraternité.

“She was means to demonstrate a thoughts and feelings of a French in her response,” he remarked. “That we trust in tellurian rights, in carrying open borders… that we acquire everybody to a county.”

He forked out that, as a dental medicine student, Mittenaere has also done it her idea “to strech out to… and assistance people.”

Mathou voiced certainty that Mittenaere will be means to arise to a plea of being Miss Universe. “It’s a outrageous responsibility. It will be a really bustling year. She will accommodate several dignitaries. She will transport to opposite countries all over a world.”

Mathou is certain that a new Miss Universe will be behind in a Philippines earlier than expected, though.

Iris Mittenaere Photo by Martin MacalintalIris Mittenaere Photo by Martin Macalintal

Iris Mittenaere —Photo by Martin Macalintal

She was ostensible to leave a day after a manifestation on Monday, though chose to stay for a few some-more days. (She left for New York on Thursday.)

“She done many Filipino friends during her stay here, and she told me that she wishes to come back,” he related.

Coincidentally, France won a climax in a Philippines in a same year that a dual countries are celebrating 70 years of friendship. Making it some-more significant, it was a Philippines’ Pia Wurtzbach who upheld on a pretension to Mittenaere, he asserted.

The French Embassy in Manila is commemorating a dual nations’ loyalty with a yearlong event, “PhilFrance: Feel French!”

The jubilee consists of several humanities and enlightenment activities—including a Bamboo Organ Festival (Feb. 16 to 22) and a French Film Festival (June).

“When we contend France, people customarily consider of conform and food,” he noted. “We wish to benefaction a incomparable mural of a country—to embody other aspects like record and education.” A Global Women’s Forum will also be set in Manila in December.

In this regard, a new Miss Universe can really good representation in, he said.

She comes from Lille, a city that is famous as an preparation hub. Mittenaere, who is on her fifth year in dentistry school, hopes to embody dental caring for children among her pet advocacies, detached from a pageant’s ongoing debate on AIDS awareness.

“She has turn a envoy and biggest supporter,” Mathou pronounced of Mittenaere. “She told me that she will come behind and assistance us classify a large event. We wish to make this festival an annual celebration.”

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