Miss Universe Contestant Donates Her Sherri Hill Evening Dress to a Struggling Single Mother

January 31, 2017 - miss universe

Although Miss Bulgaria 2016, Violina Ancheva, didn’t take home a climax during the 65th Miss Universe manifestation Sunday night, she still managed to make headlines around a creation — for a unequivocally opposite and moving reason.

Ancheva motionless to courteously benefaction her Miss Universe gown, a blue Sherri Hill garb featuring a full dress and a stand top, to a teen in a need of a promenade dress.

She posted a summary on Facebook to her supporters in a Philippines, where a manifestation was held, propelling someone in need of a dress to send her a personal message. “Dear friends, we would like to give as a benefaction my Miss Universe Gown (on a picture) to one of we that unequivocally wish it and need it. we wish to give a dress to a lady in need that can’t buy a dress for her promenade a subsequent month,” she wrote.

She also destined users to act fast, as she was withdrawal a nation shortly after posting a message. “Please write to me a personal summary for details. we am withdrawal soon, so greatfully precipitate up,” she captioned a picture of her wearing a dress during a competition.

The post perceived some-more than 13,000 comments, with many pity personal stories and detailing since they wanted a dress. The propitious recipient? Fifteen-year-old Zyra Nicole Cifra, a daughter of a singular mom of two, Issay Gallano.

Cifra’s mom sent a summary to Ancheva, as she could not means to buy her daughter a dress, and was repelled to accept a response. “I was checking my SSS (Social Security System) already so we can buy her a dress since she unequivocally wanted a noted promenade this year. And afterwards this necklace I’m prepared to guaranty this only to supplement to a budget,” Gallano told CNN Philippines on a stairs she was prepared to take to try to buy her daughter a dress.

Ancheva and Gallano met adult to sell a dress, and CNN prisoner a honeyed impulse of a women embracing.

“I know how she feels and I’m happy we gave it to you, and your daughter will have a best dress of a evening,” Ancheva told Gallano during a meeting, according to CNN.

The women also took a selfie together during a meeting, that Gallano uploaded to Facebook.

Gallano after posted an picture of her daughter wearing a artistic dress, that she seemed to love.

“Thank we so many Miss Bulgaria. You have a pleasing heart. We wish we all a best. God magnify we and your family,” she captioned a picture of her daughter.

As many as a mom and daughter were overwhelmed by a gesture, Miss Bulgaria was also impacted as well. “This is substantially a many pleasing thing that we have ever finished for somebody, a many touching thing,” Ancheva said.

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