Miss Universe Canada finalist driven to move recognition about mental health

August 18, 2017 - miss universe

Jessica Bailey’s bio says she has a heart for a hurting.

The consolation she has for others is one of a reasons because she is competing in a Miss Universe Canada Pageant in Toronto.

The 19-year-old Langley proprietor is among a 72 inhabitant finalists — and one of 6 from B.C. — who will strive for a pretension during a foe that runs Sept. 30 to Oct. 8.

“I’ve never indeed finished a manifestation before, though we saw a Miss Universe manifestation on TV and we suspicion it was kind of cool,” Bailey said.

She submitted an focus online and subsequently forgot about it.

Five months later, she was contacted to do an speak and afterwards try-out for a Miss Universe Canada competition.

These days, Bailey’s days are filled: she has dual jobs and in a fall, will enter her third year during Trinity Western University, with a double vital in tellurian kinetics and psychology.

At TWU, a six-foot-tall Bailey is center blocker with a Spartans women’s volleyball team.

Looking brazen to a pageant, Bailey is profitable for her outing to Toronto out of slot though she continues to demeanour for sponsors.

“I’m still in a sponsorship theatre though I’m operative dual jobs right now perplexing to lift some funds,” she said.

“I’m coaching in a morning with Trinity, doing kids camps, and during a dusk we bartend/host during a Greek restaurant,” Bailey said. “I work from 8 a.m. to 12 (noon) and we work from 4 or 5 (in a afternoon) to around 10 or 11 during night.”

Her life is bustling to contend a least, though Bailey is happy she looked into Miss Universe Canada.

“It’s been a unequivocally rewarding experience, actually,” Bailey said. “The reason we did it in a commencement is, I’m somewhat introverted and we wanted to pull myself to rise and turn some-more extroverted, and to start lifting recognition for things we wanted to creatively though we usually never had a reason to.”

The manifestation gives Bailey a height to mix her rival inlet with her destiny aspirations.

“I wish to turn a stronger individual, if anything,” she said. “I wish to be means to speak to people about what I’m ardent about.”

And she is really ardent about a predicament of kids pang from mental illness.

Bailey was usually 10 years aged when she grown basin and stress though with a assistance of counselling and desired ones, she overcame these speedbumps during a age of 18.

Her possess believe total with a passion to assistance others gave Bailey a prophesy to attend TWU with a hopes of apropos a reconstruction dilettante to assistance those who have gifted a dire accident, event, or injury.

She also wants to support people with a mental and earthy recovering indispensable after such dire events, so permitting them to conquer setbacks and persevere to grasp their goals.

Ultimately, Bailey has a idea of formulating a nonprofit classification that will give behind to society.

“My idea is to set adult village groups in Langley and via B.C., and if somehow we won (Miss Universe Canada), around Canada, for high propagandize kids to have mentorships by comparison individuals,” Bailey said. “There are so many things that people are going by though a era above us have already left by that. We find some-more believe from what’s on Google than from a era above us, we know?”

She’s already giving back. Bailey has been on 3 goal trips to Vanuatu, Albania, and Guatemala, where she embellished schools and churches, helped out in a hospital, handing out supplies, and taught children English.

And she put together a ‘A Spike For A Smile’ weed volleyball contest Aug. 20 during Willoughby Community Park. The contest served as a fundraiser for Operation Smile that helps urge a lives of children innate with split palates in Third World countries.

Inner beauty

Bailey wants to diffuse a classify of pageants as ‘beauty contests.’

“I consider that pageants pull women to turn their personal ideal image,” Bailey said. “People can’t win usually for being beautiful. They need to be means to reason themselves on a theatre and they also have to be means to promulgate what they’re perplexing to get opposite to an assembly and we consider that a one thing that is many profitable of all is, when someone wins this title, a owners (of a pageant) wish that chairman to be means to use it to their best event to enthuse kids, to pierce them forward.”

She pronounced a judges demeanour “more for a impression of a particular than what’s on a outside.”

The leader of a Miss Universe Canada will paint Canada in a Miss Universe 2017 competition.

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