Miss Singapore Universe 2016 prepares to palm over crown

July 7, 2017 - miss universe

As Miss Singapore Universe 2016 Cheryl Chou prepares to palm over her crown, she wants aspirants to know that holding partial in a manifestation requires “a lot some-more tough work than we think”.

She positively did her task and put in additional hours before claiming a pretension final year.

For assistance with a question-and- answer segment, she sent videos of herself responding questions to a inhabitant executive of a Miss Universe Singapore Organisation and Miss Singapore Universe 2002 leader Nuraliza Osman for feedback.

As a visitor to pageants, she also knew she indispensable additional use to arrange out her weaker areas such as walking down a catwalk and posing.

“I took records during training sessions, went home and practised adult and down in my vital room any night in heels,” says Ms Chou, 21, who is singular and lives alone. Her relatives are formed in Shanghai, China, where she lived for 11 years before returning here in 2015 for serve studies.

Registration for a Miss Universe Singapore 2017 contest is open now and closes on Monday. The leader will take home $10,000 in money and prizes value $45,000.

Ms Chou motionless to attend in a manifestation final year – her initial and last, she says – since she believes that “life is always about perplexing something new and perplexing something that scares you”.

Her recommendation to determined Miss Universe Singapore contestants is “to be gentle with who we are and never ever remove yourself in a process”.

“You’re going to have people commenting and giving we advice, though as prolonged as we know who we are and a summary we wish to send to people, that’s a many critical thing,” she says.

Exuding an easy certainty that belies her age, she continues: “Miss Universe is not a foe about who’s a skinniest or who has a best figure – it’s to showcase who we are as a person. Every lady is opposite and we can’t be approaching to fit a cover of a lanky and gaunt girl.”

Being of a build opposite from a beauty black norm, she has had her satisfactory share of haters. “I got disastrous comments when a solo video for a Miss Universe Singapore finalists was initial expelled since we have an jaunty build – we can’t assistance it, so we welcome it.”

The aptness fan works out 5 to 6 times a week, for an hour to 90 mins any time, doing high- power interlude training and circuits.

She feels it is generally critical for immature girls to know that they can't be approaching to heed to impractical physique types.

“The bikini shred of a foe is a good approach to showcase how opposite any physique is and we only have to be gentle with what you’ve been given,” she says. “I wish people to know that I’m a normal 21-year-old lady and I’m not dolled adult 24/7.”

True to her beliefs, her Instagram stories underline her unfiltered and though make-up.

“I don’t put on this facade and we wish girls out there to know that it’s good to be glammed adult during times, though we’re still human, so keep it real.”

It was this certainty that substantially won her a pretension final October. Even a judges remarkable that her answer to a doubt “What do we trust is a hint of a loyal Singapore woman?” was a best of a lot. Her response was: “A lady who is assured in her possess skin and… not fearful of disaster and to follow her dreams.”

In Jan this year, she represented Singapore during a Miss Universe manifestation in Manila, a Philippines, and did not make it to a tip 13.

After she hands over her climax on Oct 11, initial on her bulletin is going behind to propagandize in Jan to continue to pursue her grade in conform media and industries during Lasalle College of a Arts. She took a year off propagandize to concentration on her Miss Universe commitments.

“I have to go behind to propagandize to get my grade and we also wish to start work and yield for my family,” she says. Her mom runs her possess business, while her father is an operations manager.

Ms Chou, who is penetrating on digital selling and amicable media, would also like to try new things.

“I feel like Miss Universe Singapore has non-stop so many doors for me… It helped me grow as a chairman and altered my life.”

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