Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez Defends Her Stance On Gun Control and Shares Her Post-Miss Universe Plans

December 2, 2017 - miss universe

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Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez, Miss Universe’s initial curtain up, done utterly an sense with her glamour and utterance during final week’s televised pageant. When horde Steve Harvey asked her how she would explain terrorism to a tiny child, a 22-year-old singer said: “I would tell any child that this generation, and even mine, needs a universe with reduction weapons. Please some-more books, some-more culture, some-more friends, some-more love.”

Gonzalez shielded her position opposite gun assault in an disdainful talk with PEOPLE CHICA after a pageant. “It’s not about instilling fear in them, it’s about formulating agents of change. A child that feels ardent about books, culture, sports, scholarship —who finds his possess passion— will stay distant divided from terrorism and weapons. We have to build on that as a society: kids who gamble on other things and stay divided from violence.”

To that end, she highlights a deleterious purpose weapons have played in her homeland. “My nation comes from a formidable routine of 60 years of polite war. In Colombia we have to have really sold and specific permits to lift guns, that we consider it’s great,” she adds. “Not only anyone can lift weapons. We are perplexing to revoke evasion and stretch ourselves from a enlightenment of weapons.”

Gonzalez admits she is not your standard reina and was bullied as a child for being overweight. “I never suspicion we would be a beauty black since when we was small we wasn’t a prettiest lady in my class,” she recounts. “In fact, they done fun of me many times for one thing or another: my weight, my height, my hair, my clothes. So for me, pageants were for flattering girls, they weren’t meant for someone like me. we didn’t consider it was possible.”

Many years and many pageants later, she is not giving adult on her dream to act, be it on theatre or in front of a cameras. The overwhelming actress, who says she is single, is focusing on her veteran goals. “I see myself in Hollywood. That will be a tip step for me and a one we will suffer most,” she says. “I wish to work in English, to sight so I’m means to take on any role.”

Even yet she didn’t take home a desired pretension of Miss Universe, Gonzalez accepts a judges’ preference with humility. “I always suspicion that beauty pageants were a formidable matter, generally for a judges since any chairman sees beauty differently,” she reflects. “The leader is really opposite from me. The tip dual [contestants] this year were really diverse. She was blonde and we have dim hair. She was from a totally opposite culture. I’m always laughing, we make humorous faces, we pronounce loudly. She spoke slowly, she was really watchful and calm,” she adds of South Africa’s Demi Leigh Nel-Peters. “We are really opposite women and maybe this year they wanted someone like her and not like me, and that’s ok.”

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