Menaye Donkor-Muntari Reveals Why She Took Over Miss Universe Ghana.

September 15, 2017 - miss universe

Mrs. Menaye Donkor-Muntari, mother of former Black Stars midfielder, Sulley Muntari, has suggested a pushing force behind her preference to take over a reigns of a Miss Universe Ghana beauty manifestation franchise.

With a new crowing of a 2017 Miss Universe Ghana in a star studded rite that literally went off but a hitch, Ghanaians have given high regard to a organizers who put a whole uncover together.

While Mrs. Menaye Donkor-Muntari, mother to former Black Stars midfielder Sulley Muntari, took a lot of a regard for a uncover given she’s a CEO of MALZ promotions and owners of a Miss Universe franchise, she seems to be vouchsafing some gleam land on her husband.

Minaye with father Muntari

Speaking to a Graphic Showbiz, Mrs. Muntari suggested that her father was a outrageous pushing force behind her merger of a longstanding franchise. “Sulley was indeed a one who pushed me to take adult a authorization that had been asleep for about dual to 3 years. He said, ‘Menaye, we don’t see anyone doing this other than you, so go for it,” she revealed.
The former black of a beauty manifestation crowned in 2004, Mrs. Muntari suggested that after creation initial hit with a former owners, and a successive assembly or dual in New York, she was means to acquire a franchise. Commenting on a synergy between herself and her husband, Mrs. Muntari forked out that a support in their matrimony goes both ways. “We are there for any other. we go to many of his games and support other things he does and he also does same for me,” pronounced Menaye Donkor.


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