Meet a former bashful schoolgirl anticipating to turn Miss Universe

May 28, 2017 - miss universe

A schoolgirl once too bashful to pronounce to any of her classmates has blossomed into a beauty black carefree for Miss Universe Great Britain.

Jennifer McSween told how she was painfully bashful during St Edmund Arrowsmith School when flourishing adult though she is now set to foe in a finals of a beauty contest.

The 22-year-old, from Huyton, even spoke about a shaken moments she initial took to a theatre 7 years ago – descending over and carrying to foe with a sprained ankle.

However, a former Miss Liverpool says she has given left from a “young bashful lady to assured woman”.

She told a ECHO: “I started doing pageants since we had no confidence, we was so shy.

Jennifer McSween, 22, has oral to a ECHO about her ideal date and what she looks for in a man

“In one of a initial shows we did we indeed fell over and that’s something everybody worries about though we went and did a uncover with a sprained ankle.

“In propagandize we wouldn’t even pronounce to anyone since we felt unequivocally worried though now we can get adult on theatre and pronounce to thousands.

“I’m a totally conflicting chairman when I’m on theatre so a pageants have benefitted me and I’ve grown to adore it.”

Jennifer won a Miss Liverpool pretension in 2015 and a desired best beach physique pretension in a same year that meant she was whisked off to indication in Sri Lanka.

Jennifer McSween, 22, is formulation to foe in a Miss Universe Great Britain finals

In credentials for her latest Miss Universe GB competition, being hold in Newport on Jul 15, Jennifer says there will be a lot of preparation.

The indication and part-time Liverpool One emporium partner says “apart from carrying her silent adult a wall assisting her” a run adult to a foe will be a lot of training.

She said: “I am in a gym everyday, using during 6.30am and henceforth on a go.

“It’s a lot of purify eating though we do have lie days.

“Womanly looks and curves are a good thing to have.

“I’m only spending a lot of time operative on feeling assured and good for a pageant.”

More than 40 girls will foe in a foe and are battling it out in a content opinion from a open right now, that Jennifer says she could unequivocally use assistance in.

She added: “Everyone thinks all a girls are a same, stuck-up and full of themselves, I’d contend they’re a opposite.

“Most of a girls I’ve met are lovely, they’re tough operative and always doing pieces for charity.

“A outrageous cause in this is to be a good purpose model. They wish to know a lady they’re picking will paint a pretension well.”

And alongside a beauty, glorious and tough work Jennifer is also doing a lot of gift work.

Jennifer said: “Working towards a foe we have been doing a lot of gift work for Sheroes – that helps women pounded by poison in India.

“I’m hosting an Indian night and I’ll be cooking a dish for 6 people and everybody will be dressed adult to lift money.

“Also, Strongbone’s, a British gift for children with bone conditions. I’m hosting a gym day on Jun 25, as I’m unequivocally into my fitness, to lift income for that too.”

You can find her JustGiving page here.

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