Meet Hawa Kamara, Sierra Leone’s First Miss Universe Contestant

January 31, 2017 - miss universe

Hawa Kamara done story this week when she became a unequivocally initial deputy of Sierra Leone in a Miss Universe pageant.

Kamara is an gifted manifestation contestant, carrying been crowned Miss West Africa in 2013.

In an talk with CNN, Kamara pronounced that her impasse in a manifestation was an event for a universe to learn something about her country. She said, “It is unequivocally critical for Sierra Leone to be a partial of Miss Universe. We have left by so many tragedies in a country, like a Ebola virus, and polite war. People (from Sierra Leone) don’t unequivocally get opportunities … since (others) consider we’re not able or that, as a country, we’re not safe.”

She hopes that a broadside from her entrance into a Miss Universe foe would inspire some-more people to revisit her home country. “When we come to Sierra Leone, firstly, design a lot of smiles during a airport. A lot of a time, a places we go, (there is) a tie between people. And afterwards (there’s) a food, that is tasty — it’s something we wouldn’t wish to miss,” she said.

Kamara pronounced that beside beauty manifestation work, she is concerned with charities that are assisting people who’ve been influenced by a Ebola pathogen widespread that killed some-more than 3,900 people in new years.

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