Kelowna lady wins Miss Okanagan and preps for Miss Universe

April 4, 2017 - miss universe

Kelowna’s Shanelle Connell has been comparison to paint a range during Miss World Canada in Toronto this summer. However, she’s incited it down in sequence to take on another opportunity. She will be competing in a Miss Universe Canada beauty manifestation instead.

The dual apart beauty pageants both start in Jul and Connell has selected to contest in Miss Universe.

Her many new win as Miss Okanagan took place final month during a Miss World Canada provincials.

This is her initial year of competing in beauty pageants, though it runs in her family. Her mom competed in pageants and Connell grew adult examination a pageants on TV with her mom.

“I had always wanted to,” pronounced Connell. “I’d watched a skip star pageants on TV with my mom for as prolonged as we can remember.”

Being supposed as a inhabitant finalist for skip star Canada is a outrageous understanding for Connell.

“I am really excited,” she said.

Miss Universe is one of a many publicized beauty pageants in a world. One lady is selected to paint their country.

It is hold in some-more than 190 countries worldwide and seen by some-more than half a billion people annually. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

Miss Universe has run given 1952, and in 1957, Miss World started.

At Miss Universe Canada, a 21-year-old will be judged on several categories, including a float fit section, dusk gowns followed by an speak on domestic views and believe of stream affairs.

For a float fit section, Connell says it’s about ensuring lady representing Canada are a summary of ideal health, she said.

The subsequent judged eventuality is dusk gowns and represents how we arrangement your personal style, she said.

“How we would paint and be an envoy for your country? So a robe that we select is really critical to a judges, as good as a certainty that we portray. Because a skip star aphorism is quietly beautiful.”

Then contestants bear an speak routine with possibly a row of judges or one-on-one questioning.

“Questions that are really politically charged and emotionally charged like termination or even like Syrian rights, those kinds of questions – we are approaching to answer,” she said.

Connell says she loves articulate about politics and it runs in her family.

“My mom loves reading adult on what’s going on in a center east, so I’m always conference about what’s going on,” she said.

Her grandma who recently upheld away, was also an change on Connell as she desired to speak politics during a cooking table.

“So I’ve had my fair-share of intellectually sensitive review as good as being means to be democratic.” she said.

She’s also in a center of study for finals in University and is also vocalization during an eventuality called Elevate Kelowna subsequent weekend.

“I like to do it all,” she said.

At her open vocalization engagements, she talks about confronting rejecting and build community.

At 16 years of age, she and her family changed from Calgary to Kelowna and according to Connell, it was a formidable time for her in high school.

“When we came to Kelowna, we faced a lot of bullying,” she said.

“I changed in high school, so being a new child on a retard was really a plea for me, generally during that age group, it was not a good time.”

“I’ve grown from someone that wanted to pierce behind within 3 months to Calgary to someone that would never wish to leave Kelowna.

So we am in adore with this city and a Okanagan.”

Coming from a selling background, she’s recently eliminated into psychology and wish to one day be a matrimony and attribute counselor.

And while she is informed with a disastrous opinions that people mostly voice about pageants or a shallowness of beauty pageants that a film Miss Congeniality represents, that has not been her experience.

“It’s not as most of a extraneous sourroundings as people competence design it to be,” pronounced Connell.

“A lot of these girls work really tough to be where they are; it takes a lot of work to marketplace yourself, to make certain we that we are staying stream on domestic affairs.”

“And for anyone that would say, ‘Oh isn’t that extraneous – prancing around in a bikini’ – we would tell them: if we have a certainty to do it and we are unapproachable to contend this is me, this is what I’ve worked for…I don’t consider there’s any other reason that we need to give someone.”

Connell will be representing B.C. during a Miss Universe Canada beauty manifestation this summer in Toronto, Ontario in July.

Over a subsequent integrate of months, Connell will be training for Miss Universe during workshops hold in Vancouver.

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