I was treated like a loyal black by organizers of Miss Universe Ghana – Ruth Quarshie

January 21, 2018 - miss universe

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Miss Ghmenaye1Ruth Quarshie

Ruth Quarship won a 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant, represented Ghana during a general theatre and done it into a tip 16 spot, an feat estimable of celebrating with most of a regard laid before a doorsteps of a Malz Promotion headed by Menaye Donkor.

However, Ruth biggest beating so distant that she has voiced on several platforms and begged for it not to be steady in a destiny is a fact that she didn’t get a much-needed support from Ghanaians when she got to a general stage. She is of a opinion that had she gotten a support in terms of votes, messages on amicable media etc. she would have gotten serve in a general foe and substantially move home a crown.

Menaye Donkor and Ruth Quarshie were hold in an talk on 3FM where they overwhelmed on few issues per a beauty pageant, some that are famous already and there has been a open cry for a resolution so these ladies can indeed fly high a dwindle of Ghana over a fit they routinely achieve.

Paramount among them is a skip of support; they common their views on that with Menaye adding that if usually a method of tourism can come on residence to partner with us, skip star could do intensely good both nationally, and internationally temperament a name of Ghana. She was discerning to indicate out it is still a baby underneath her and she is perplexing to maintain it to achieve a indispensable respect.

She combined there are several ways a supervision can sell Ghana, an instance is when Ruth was in a Miss Universe general beauty manifestation house, her habit was quite done in Ghana, now, if one of a ladies ask her of what she is wearing and she mentions a brand’s name and add, it is done in Ghana. That is written selling even yet we competence disremember it, for all we know, a lady competence go and demeanour for a code and afterwards start researching some-more about Ghana.

Furthermore, both ladies concluded on one thing, that is a Miss Universe Ghana classification underneath a belt of Menaye Donkor seeks for sponsorship to pull a event, all a ladies have to do is infer their outdoor beauty matches a middle one (Beauty with Brains). Ruth Said during a indicate of a talk that, when she was withdrawal for a general stage, all from her bag to what she would wear were rubbed for her, all she had to do was only uncover adult during a airport, residence a plane, and Menaye would check on her each singular morning to find out how she is doing, in all, she is happy with a diagnosis she had from Malz Promotion and a whole team.

Lack of room and time to ready Ruth amply for a general theatre was among a few things laid down by Menaye that she thinks influenced her process, other than that she would have left even over a tip 16 spot, hence, they have allocated some-more time to ready a subsequent skip star black from Ghana for this year to sufficient be versed to paint Ghana on a general stage.

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