I was a initial Miss Universe GB competitor to wear a kaftan not a bikini. Here’s because we did it

March 8, 2018 - miss universe

I started offered Mercedes-Benz cars age 25, operative tough in a male-dominated industry. It wasn’t a easiest place to work though it taught me being opposite can unequivocally be an asset.

It also done me think: if we can be a lady among men, there is no reason we couldn’t be a Muslim in Miss Universe.

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That’s since we chose to take partial in Miss Universe Great Britain final year – and it really shook things up. Participating while station organisation in my beliefs meant we was a initial lady to wear a kaftan instead of a bikini in a pageant.

Being a initial can be a plea – though it does make change

Muna Jama was a initial ever Miss Universe competitor to wear a kaftan instead of a bikini

There is no one distance fits all for Muslim women (@ms_munajama)

Taking partial in a Miss Universe competition competence not sound challenging, though going through change during it was tough. From tiny things like withdrawal London and travelling to Cardiff on my possess for a initial time, to carrying a spotlight on me being a Muslim lady – it was daunting.

Yet walking down a catwalk in my kaftan, large hoops and height boots was one of a many lenient feelings I’ve ever had. The greeting was incredible, from Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

‘British-Muslim women come from opposite backgrounds and ethnicities; we any have opposite aspirations and opposite experiences’

I wish to be clear, there is zero “wrong” with wearing a bikini. The other contestants were extraordinary women and we would never decider anyone for wearing a bikini. None of us should be judged for a possess choices, since they are accurately that – a possess choices.

While we know women are not a homogenous group, conjunction are Muslim women. British-Muslim women come from opposite backgrounds and ethnicities; we any have opposite aspirations and opposite experiences. Some wear a hijab, some don’t. Some of my Muslim girlfriends have faced Islamophobia and some of them consider multitude only needs to ‘get over it’. There is no one distance fits all.

2018 feels like a branch indicate for women

Protesters in London during a Women’s Mar on 21 January, a day after Donald Trump’s coronation (Photo: Getty)

This week outlines International Women’s Day, a tellurian day for compelling women’s equality. Whether it’s a #MeToo movement, a miss of farrago in some industries or debate around a gender compensate gap, women of all faiths and backgrounds are during a tip of a news agenda.

As a British-Somali woman, I’m unapproachable of my identity. we adore a crater of tea and toast initial thing, though we also adore suugo, rice and banana: a classical Somali dish. My gran, one of a strongest women I’ve ever known, spent her whole life in Somalia and we betrothed her that I’d give something behind to a nation she loved. That’s since we co-founded a start-up called Cloudless Research, operative here in my hometown of London to strengthen a trusting victims of child abuse and a migrant predicament in East Africa. we felt compelled to assistance after volunteering in Somalia and left my pursuit as a automobile saleswoman.

Let’s take mount opposite stereotypes

We all face hurdles in life as we grow and develop. There are concerns over amicable media, fashion, friends, family, relations and a rest. Just like any woman, there are days when we feel like a black and days when we wish to stay in bed underneath my duvet.

My faith has been constituent in my ability to keep purpose and instruction by a ups and downs of being a change-maker. If there’s one doctrine I’ve learnt it is that hurdles do not always have to be intimidating. If we make a indicate of always perplexing to find a certain in any situation, a formula can be surprising.

So, this International Women’s Day let’s applaud being proud, British-Muslim women. Let’s take a mount opposite stereotypes and make a voices listened on a issues that matter many to us.


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