How Miss Universe saved herself from a intensity kidnapping

May 4, 2018 - miss universe

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters says being a manifestation black isn’t all tiaras and talent competitions. Sometimes we foil a carjacking plot!

“I was hold adult during gunpoint a month after we won Miss South Africa,” says a New York transplant.

“It was on Jun 7 of final year . . . we was in South Africa on my approach to an event, and we was carjacked by 5 guys.”

She added: “It was frightful — though a sorcery of that was we did a women’s empowerment march about 3 months before to a incident, where they taught me what to do if we go by a conditions like that. we was pushing and we stopped during a red trade light in extended illumination . . . When we saw a weapons, we immediately surrendered and gave adult a car. But when we got out of a car, a man indeed attempted to pull me behind in . . . we pronounced to myself, ‘I’d rather be shot here than kidnapped and never be seen again.’

“The second end will never be improved than a first. So we punched him in his throat and ran away.”

She figures: “So vital in New York, no large understanding . . . we am amatory New York — there is something about a energy.”

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