He escorted Miss Universe competitor to hospital

March 13, 2017 - miss universe

Civil menial Lionel Chai vividly remembers a initial and usually time Singapore hosted a Miss Universe pageant.

Behind a glitz and glorious of a 1987 event, Mr Chai, afterwards a full-time inhabitant serviceman, worked 16 hours a day for about a month to assistance safeguard that all a activities went smoothly

“Miss Universe was, for a immature NS boy, really memorable,” he pronounced of a manifestation during a World Trade Centre, with some events hold all over a island . That year was a second time a Singaporean – Ms Marion Nicole Teo, who was afterwards 19 – placed in a tip 10.

While Mr Chai did not correlate with Ms Teo, he removed escorting one of a contestants to hospital. She had a drunken spell and could not finish her dance routine, he noted, disappearing to exhibit her name.

“Some things occur unplanned, and we had to respond fast to safeguard a protected thoroughfare (for a contestants),” he said.

Of other shaken moments, he added: “It was a knowledge of ensuring that a live telecast worldwide was not disrupted.”

As a 20-year-old, he helped devise and govern a confidence deployment for some 70 contestants from around a world.

“It was a handful,” pronounced now Deputy Assistant Commissioner (NS) Chai, 50, who is NS Commander of a Central Division.

“But we had a superintendence of some-more gifted officers.”

It was among a initial of several deployments for DAC (NS) Chai, who went on to turn among a initial members of a police’s Key Installations Command (Kins) in a 1990s.

Its officers were stationed during locations such as energy stations to safeguard their security.

“We were a initial few groups of officers on a ground,” he said, so there were a lot of issues to overcome and they were there 24/7.

While he was due to finish reservist during a age of 50, he recently sealed on to a intentional prolongation scheme, anticipating to minister some-more to a country.

With 1,600 NSmen underneath his care, he frets about their deployment, training and welfare.

“It’s not only operation duties that people come here for. It’s also about camaraderie,” he said.

But NS has been some-more than about providing security.

He also served as titular aide-de-camp to a boss for 9 years, during a tenures of presidents Tony Tan Keng Yam and S R Nathan.

Memories of station burial during state funerals move tears to his eyes. “I consider it’s something we do for a founders, such as Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Goh Keng Swee and, some-more recently, Mr S R Nathan. We dedicate a use to them, for what they have finished for us. It’s an honour to do so.”

Seow Bei Yi

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