Former Miss Universe Singapore organiser dies of pancreatic cancer

June 26, 2018 - miss universe

He became a singular father to his 3 children after his divorce. And with his comfortable nature, Mr Errol Pang was like a father to many others.

The owners of internal events association Derrol Stepenny Promotions (DSP), that hold a looseness to organize beauty manifestation Miss Universe Singapore (MUS) until 2014, died during 76 yesterday morning. He had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in April.

His daughter, Mrs Penelope Laird, 48, who is DSP’s director, told The New Paper over a phone yesterday: “He was like a father to a (MUS) contestants.

“He would be so happy for them when they rose to celebrity or (found) success and he was happy to have given them a height to succeed.

“He never asked for anything in return.”

Mr Pang initial gifted stomach heedfulness in April, while rehearsing a normal father-daughter dance for Mrs Laird’s afterwards arriving wedding.

She said: “He was always active and healthy. He told me usually a week before a marriage about some pain in his stomach and that he was not feeling well.

“He did not think anything then…”

The diagnosis came usually days before Mrs Laird’s jubilee in Hawaii, and he never done it to a ceremony.

He kept a bad news from her, revelation her usually that he was ill.

Mrs Laird said: “My whole family knew about a diagnosis, though he wanted to keep it from me given he knew we would be affected.

“That was unequivocally a adore of a father.”

Miss Universe Singapore Organisation B.V. acquired a authorization for MUS in 2015. TNP has been a co-organiser of MUS given 2016.

Miss Nuraliza Osman, who won a MUS pretension in 2002 and is Miss Universe Singapore Organisation B.V.’s inhabitant director, told TNP: “Errol was a soft-spoken male with a kind and peaceful inlet who always wanted a best for his winners.”

Full-time indication Rathi Menon, 27, who won MUS in 2014, told TNP: “Right after we won a pageant, Errol told me that we would do good for a general competition.

“He always gave me difference of support and dignified support.”

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