Former Miss Universe Marete launches conform line

April 15, 2017 - miss universe

Former Miss Universe Rachel Mbuki Marete is set to launch her conform store in Kilimani, Nairobi.

“I haven’t changed behind home, only yet. we am still operative in Los Angeles. Last year, when we came behind home we realised it was ideal time to come behind and set adult something in Kenya.

I was sleepy of feeling like a immigrant whenever we visited. So we motionless to set adult a integrate of businesses since we consider they are good ideas.”

Rachel’s conform store is now online and is dubbed, Mbuki’s Closet.

“I motionless to open a conform line since each time we was around, my friends would ask we buy them possibly boots or dresses. we also realised it is tough selling here.

Finding specific brands and good peculiarity things was hard, so, we motionless to move a same brands during enlightened prices. we will be rising a earthy store during a internal mall within Kilimani area and we am now doing a finishing touches.”

The store, she revealed, will shortly deliver plus-size garments and will underline Kenyan models as their code faces.

Rachel is now a TV presenter during The Qyou Network and recently, launched her new TV show, Q-Hit that she also produces.

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