Former Miss Universe Amelia Vega HANDLED a Internet Troll Who Said Her Baby Has ‘Pelo Malo’

September 10, 2017 - miss universe

How people can think it’s fine to conflict children on a Internet is over us, though that’s accurately what happened to Former Dominican Miss Universe, Amelia Vega’s darling small girl.

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When a mom of Boston Celtics actor Al Horford posted this honeyed print of her nine-month-old daughter, Instagram user @normardguez01 commented that a child had “pelo malo,” or “bad hair,” a impossibly descent tenure customarily indifferent for Afro-Latinos with curly hair that has furthered feelings of self-hate and injustice within a community.


Outraged by this user’s ignorance, and safeguarding her honeyed girl, Vega wrote this in response:

“Lady, we have no improved things to do than to impugn a baby’s hair over a Internet? No hair is BAD given we still don’t know any hair that killed anyone. You don’t know me or my daughter to speak about something that we haven’t seen.”

And when Vega beheld that a user posted a bible hymn in her form and described herself as a amatory mom and grandmother, she seized on a event to call out a hypocrisy, adding:

“I saw we review a Bible and have a psalm on your profile. we suggest we demeanour for a hymn ‘from a contentment of his heart, his mouth speaks.'”

Vega spoke to a Latin Times about a exchange. 

“Where are we as a multitude when we are criticizing babies online?,” she said. “We need to find active things to do with a lives: cheer, support any other and use amicable media in a certain and ominous way. We need to widespread adore in all a opposite ways instead of swelling hatred and bullying.

I frequency criticism on any horrible message, though we didn’t wish my immature followers, who have any form of hair though straight, to consider they are not beautiful. As elementary as it sounds we don’t see how distant a summary like this can impact a immature life.”

Vega’s supporters concluded and came to a singer-actress’s invulnerability with some comments of their possess in support of her and her changed daughter and defamation of that ashamed user (who’s hoop has given been deleted). 

We know there is so most work to do as a village and we applaud Amelia Vega for station adult and vocalization out.

“This conditions has done me comprehend even some-more about this matter and is a good wakeup call even for myself,” she also told a Latin Times.

We wish this creates many others hear a call as well.

H/T: Vivala, The Latin Times

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