Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado on a Miss Venezuela Pageant Scandal: ‘You Saw Strange Things Sometimes’

March 24, 2018 - miss universe

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado was a guest on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día where she gave her thoughts on a new Miss Venezuela manifestation liaison involving purported harlotry and supervision corruption.

On Mar 21, a Miss Venezuela manifestation record were temporarily dangling after accusations flush that some of a contestants would perform passionate favors to get rich sponsors to compensate for cultured procedures and engineer wardrobe during a foe for a crown. The liaison also allegedly involves Venezuelan supervision officials, with some claiming that supports from a state have been used to compensate for these unlawful activities.

“After a events described recently on amicable media, in unknown blogs and by some people associated to a Miss Venezuela pageant, we have motionless to start an inner investigation,” review a new matter by a Miss Venezuela Organization. “While this routine is developing, a Miss Venezuela domicile will tighten a doors and a castings for Miss Venezuela and Mr. Venezuela will be temporarily suspended.”

Machado was interviewed by a morning show’s hosts, Rashel Díaz and Daniel Sarcos, about her knowledge as Miss Venezuela in 1995 before being crowned Miss Universe in 1996. “Each box is different. Every lady has had a opposite experience. My knowledge was different. we won’t repudiate that we saw bizarre things sometimes, maybe people who were sponsored by businessmen. we appreciate God that my relatives could assistance me with their possess efforts,” she said.

The Venezuelan singer combined that politics in her nation has a lot to do with a purported crime inside a pageant. “Unfortunately Venezuela has a amicable and dignified exaggeration and drop that is a product of a domestic complement that has totally broken a country,” she said. “The Miss Venezuela Organization is not a exception.”

Machado common a row with former Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos and Venezuelan publisher Ibéyise Pacheco, author of a book Las Muñecas de la Corona (“The Dolls of a Crown”), desirous by what goes on behind a scenes in a beauty manifestation world.

Castellanos, who was Miss Venezuela in 2013, pronounced she never had any faulty proposals though certified that she got invitations to accommodate with rich businessmen who could compensate for costly things she indispensable for a pageant. Although she incited them down, she adds that she witnessed other contestants perceived special treatment. “In my year there, we would see a lady get there in open travel or in a taxi, and 3 months after that lady had her possess car, an apartment, and they came from indeterminate origins,” she revealed.





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