Footy brazen sets sights on Miss Universe Australia

March 20, 2017 - miss universe

On a margin she is a force to be reckoned with as a brazen in a WA Women’s Football League.

But Sharni-Leigh Kittow has her sights set on another vital idea — apropos a initial inland Miss Universe Australia.

The 23-year-old Swan Districts actor was progressing this month named a finalist for Miss West Coast, that feeds into a prestigious general pageant.

While Kittow’s primary reason for entering a query was to build confidence, she told AAA it would be “amazing” to paint her nation and enlightenment in Miss Universe.

“My silent is Aboriginal Australian and my father is English and we really cruise myself as an inland Australian, even yet we might not demeanour it to some people,” Kittow said.

“I am really unapproachable of my birthright and where we come from.”

The Albany-raised blonde’s beauty query aspiration is a universe divided from her sporting career, that she hopes will eventually lead to a place in a recently determined AFL Women’s League.

“I would positively adore to play on that level,” Kittow said.

“I have only done a under-23 Women’s State AFL group and afterwards creation a State finals for Miss West Coast, it’s like being on a same turn for both.

“People are astounded that we indication and play footy since they don’t element any other during all though we feel like we get a best of both worlds — we can be a hoyden we have always been and we can be a girly-girl too.”

Kittow, whose partner of 3 years Marty Zambotto has also played WAFL, combined it undone her when people called football a “men’s game”.

“If group can do it, because can’t we?” she said.

“We should have equal opportunities.”

Sharni-Leigh Kittow.

Sharni-Leigh Kittow.Picture: Marie Nirme/The West Australian


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