Filipino behaving opportunities wave for Miss Universe NZ

July 5, 2017 - miss universe

Miss Universe NZ Tania Dawson is formulation to embark on an behaving career in a Philippines.

Miss Universe NZ Tania Dawson is formulation to embark on an behaving career in a Philippines.

Doors of event non-stop for Tania Dawson to do behaving in her homeland after winning a manifestation crown.

Tania Dawson, who is of half Filipino – half Kiwi and grew adult in Papakura, says winning Miss Universe New Zealand has non-stop many doors on her list of dreams.

And her “biggest dream” is to be an singer in a Philippines.

Tania Dawson is also a clergyman during Southern Cross Campus.

Tania Dawson is also a clergyman during Southern Cross Campus.

“I’m not removing any younger, my chances need to be shortly to try that out,” she says. 

“At a finish of this year, it’s going to be a crotch for me – given we wish to stay teaching.”

The Southern Cross Campus play and media studies clergyman says the Miss Universe New Zealand manifestation has given her a possibility to reconnect with her Filipino culture.

“It’s unequivocally offering me [the chance] to see a universe and knowledge some-more culture,” she says.

“With a possibility to go behind to a Philippines, we reconnected to who we am as a Filipino, given before, a usually thing we knew about a Philippines was their food.” 

She says students and staff during Southern Cross Campus have been understanding via her journey.

“I get a lot of certain criticism from students and it has helped me build a good attribute with them and that helps also for them to learn.”

She says her students were dissapoint when she told them she is withdrawal during a finish of a year to pursue her dream to be an actress.

And she is still impressed with a certain opinion around her given winning a crown.

“The subsequent lady is going to have a smashing time; we get treated like a queen if we go to other countries other than New Zealand.

“But it’s not only being treated like a queen, it’s some-more about a complacency that we can move to people.”

She pronounced this year’s tip 20 contestants had proven that they were some-more than only a flattering face.

“We have veteran women competing and there is no end to who could win.

“They can be veteran and extraordinary in their margin and also this [the Miss Universe NZ role],” says Dawson.

Through Miss Universe, she hoped to had desirous immature people to prognosticate a significance of education.

“Without preparation in this world, we are flattering lost.”

Dawson is vehement to pass on her climax to a subsequent lady on Aug 12. 

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Miss New Zealand’s tip 5 beauty tips for beauty manifestation contestants. 

1.    Don’t review yourself with a other girls, “you are competing opposite yourself not anyone else”.

2.    Know what we mount for, “you got to have a passion and purpose”.

3.    Go tough for a entrepreneurship challenges, “if they can make a disproportion in one kid’s life, that’s huge”.

4.    Be yourself, “you can’t feign it to a top”. 

5.    Look after yourself, “make certain you’re looking after yourself and not pulling yourself too far”.

Queenie Jose is an AUT University broadcasting student who recently finished an internship with the Manukau Courier.

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