CNN row ridicules Trump: He ‘thought winning presidency would be like being crowned Miss Universe’

April 25, 2017 - miss universe

Today on CNN’s, The Lead with Jake Tapper, guest Michelle Cottle discussed President Donald Trump expectancy that being Commander in Chief was like winning a beauty pageant.

“He suspicion being President was a small bit like winning Miss Universe,” a contributing editor of The Atlantic explained. “If we can get a crown, afterwards everybody needs to be good to we and we get to go around and accept a good wishers’ greetings.”

The CNN row investigated Trump’s legislative and domestic station impending Day 100 of his administration, that is a normal yardstick used to magnitude a success, or failure, of presidents during their honeymoon period.

Despite Trump carrying lowest pursuit capitulation of any boss in complicated history, horde Jake Tapper remarkable a new ABC News/Washington Post check anticipating 96% of Trump electorate do not bewail their choosing choice.

“Trump’s bottom would travel opposite a building of potion for him,” a horde suggested.

“He is scold that he could be held with a passed physique and they wouldn’t care,” Cottle replied.

Watch a video below:

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